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The Daily Traditionalist: Red Ken’s Revisionist History Vindicated – DT 040517


Sven Longshanks is joined by Doc Savage from Mysterium Fasces once again for The Daily Traditionalist to discuss Ken Livingstone, the holohoax, Syrian gassings and the Trump effect on illegal immigration.

Red Ken found himself on the wrong side of the Jews last year for speaking the truth about the transfer agreement between Hitler and the Jews, to send 66,000 of them from Germany to Palestine. After being attacked by rabid Jew lover John Mann for being ‘a nazi’ Livingstone was suspended from the Labour Party pending a year long investigation into his anti-Semitism. The result of this investigation has been that he was entirely exonerated and all charges of anti-Semitism were dropped, but he has now been suspended for the lesser charge of bringing the Labour Party into disrepute. This has sent the Jews into complete apoplexy, as they wail about the Labour Party being ‘no longer safe for Jews’ in between cowering in the corner with their hands over their ears every time Ken appears on TV to gleefully repeat his heresy.

Holocaustianity is the new religion for the world and Doc Savage explains the parallels between it and Christianity before comparing the atrocity stories of the war with the latest ‘Jewish fable’ to be blamed upon Assad. Once again, there is no evidence to support what the UN and the EU are saying, but if they do not blame the gassing on Assad, then they would have to admit it was their own rebels responsible, just like it was their own saturation bombing that caused starvation of the inmates in the work camps.

After covering the gas leak in Syria the conversation moves to Illegal immigration in America, which is down by over 60% thanks to the fear instilled in the invaders by the new administration and once the wall goes up, this will probably drop all the way down to zero.

The podcast finishes with some deliciously sweet revenge upon Shia LaBeouf, with the news that his latest movie sold only one ticket at it’s premier weekend in Britain. This could be a new record in films flopping at the cinema and shows just how much public opinion has now moved in our favour, against the washed up Trump-hating liberal celebrities like himself.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Doc Savage

The Daily Traditionalist: Red Ken’s Revisionist History Vindicated – DT 040517


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