The Daily Traditionalist: Report From Auburn – DT 042017

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Matthew Heimbach is joined by Jason Augustus today to talk about Richard Spencer’s appearance at Auburn university. The TWP were invited to attend and  help ensure that the speech went off without a hitch. The Left like to dress up as clowns, but the TWP were dressed in practical defensive armour and they did a good job of preventing any trouble before it started. Much of the audience there were under twenty and this was very encouraging to see, as he who inspires the youth controls the future. There were some possibilities for debate with the Leftists, as well as with well known Nationalists like Hunter Wallace from Occidental Dissent.

The police enforced the old Anti-Klan law which meant the Antifa groups had to take their masks off and this appears to be the solution to preventing their violence, as once they know they can be identified their mob bravado appears to fail them. They were banned from drumming as well, which helped dampen their enthusiasm for smashing the things they don’t understand, but still they felt the need to shout insults and death threats.

Many of them are intelligent, but they are wilfully ignorant and assume that what they have been taught is the truth and that we must all be low intelligence people who have never met Moslems or Negroes before. They do do not understand that we think the way we do because we have personally seen overwhelming evidence to the contrary of what they believe.

One TWP member was attacked by an armed mob including a tranny sneaking up on him, but he managed to do away them single handed and walked away unscathed. Jason was not impressed by the girls half his age trying to tell him what reality is, but thinks it was good for them to see some real fascists for once. There were plenty of girls there on our side too, destroying the myth that Nationalism only appeals to men.

In the end, the event was far more important than just hearing Richard Spencer speak, it was about showing a united front of Nationalists to the world. 

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Report From Auburn – DT 042017

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