The Daily Traditionalist: Salami-Slicing Leftists – DT 041717


Sven Longshanks and Messerschmitt co-host the first Daily Traditionalist of the week on Easter Monday and the first subject covered is the Swiss pedagogue Jurg Jegge, who has been exposed as a paedophile who raped a number of young boys in his care. Schmitt suggested last time he was on that the Swiss authorities would not prosecute him, but he did not foresee them making a tv program about it called ‘paedophiles are not the monsters we think they are’. The child abuser has tried to blame his victims for the abuse, saying it was for their own good that he raped them and that it was ‘for therapeutic purposes’.

What sort of world are our children growing up in, where their teachers are likely to rape them and two thirds of a London classroom of under-tens know someone who carries a knife? London had over 12,000 knife crimes last year, 300 shootings and one acid attack a day. The whole of England and Wales had less than 400 violent crimes of a similar nature at the turn of the last century. All of this can only be due to immigration, cities that are still over 95% White do not have anywhere near this number of violent crimes and it is not just the violence that they bring with them either, but the drugs too. It is not White Swiss arranging to buy kilos of heroin from Afghan farmers, it is Turks and Pakis.

The White man is constantly being trodden down by these invaders, our cities are no-go areas and our women and children are not safe but not one of our main political parties are speaking up for us. The Left used to claim to be speaking for the working man, but they sold the working man out in favour of the newcomers from the third world years ago. When you hear the Left speaking about workers now, they mean immigrant labour, not the genuine hardworking White family man, yet still White people support them. Just last weekend in Berkley the Antifa turned out to attack Patriots and a large portion of them were White, although degenerate and in the case of the one that Nathan Damigo slapped, she was also a porn actor.

Paddy Tarleton has written a new tune in honour of this slapper who got slapped called ‘The Ballad of Raunch-Vag Rosie’ and the podcast closes with it, instead of the usual outro.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Messerschmitt

The Daily Traditionalist: Salami-Slicing Leftists – DT 041717

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