The Daily Traditionalist: Turkey’s Threat to the NWO - DT 041917


Sven Longshanks is joined by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson for today’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to talk about possible ramifications to Erdogan’s new powers in Turkey. Far from seeing this as a negative thing, Dr Johnson thinks this could lead to Turkey leaving NATO and giving up on their plans to colonise Europe. The Turks that are in the EU overwhelmingly voted for the new authoritarian system in Turkey and they may even end up moving back there because of it. Turkey could end up joining the SCC and concentrating on markets in Russia and Asia, leaving Europe to it’s austerity packages and bail-outs.

Erdogan made reference to working for Fatima and Mehmet rather than for George and Helga in his acceptance speech and he does appear to be a Nationalist of sorts, even if he is a Turk. He would also have to stop funding and aiding the war on Syria if he was looking for closer co-operation with Russia and China. The main threat from Turkey seems to be the flood of immigrants which is coming from there, but if he stops wanting visas to Europe for every Turk then he could end up being more of an ally than an enemy.

Stranger things than this have happened in recent times.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Turkey’s Threat to the NWO - DT 041917

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