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Thoughts of the Day: Fig Leaves and Armageddon – GL 041817


Thoughts of the Day returns with a special black pill edition! It's been a trying past week and if you are a part of this movement then you have had plenty to get upset about. Now, even as we make light of it somewhat and laugh in the face of these trying times, Grandpa reminds us to bear in mind his previous advice when it comes to these black pilling situations: focus on the things you have control over (namely yourself) and don't get overly stressed over the things that you dont. Grandpa Lampshade has been sick all week so this show will last as long as his voice does, so bear with it and we will try to have as good a time as possible

Of course the source of our black pilling this past week has been the hopes we had placed in the Trump Administration. As things stand now, it looks as though all of the things that we voted for are going out the window and instead we're getting WWIII; the same platform that Hillary Clinton ran on. However, GPL is still officially on the train as I don't see any point to be gained by jumping off now, although I do have my bags down from the overhead bin and am starting to look out the window for the next station so to speak. There is still a chance that this is fourth dimensional underwater space chess or something although I'm not placing the likelihood of that being the case very high. It's no secret that I have been critical of Trump both on this show and over at the Semitic Truth Center and as such I have caught a little flak over lack of loyalty. Don't get me wrong, Grandpa Lampshade is all about the loyalty, however loyalty is a two way street and when we look at this analytically it would seem to me that the burden is somewhat on Donald Trump to be showing the loyalty to us.

Red lines, everyone is drawing red lines everywhere. Among Trump supporters the red lines are being drawn as to where people plan to bail off the train. Again, I am staying on for now as there is nothing to lose at this point with a wait and see attitude and it is not as though I have any control over what Trump actually does, or have some way to kick him out of office and put someone else in there.

Among those who are of the mind that this is all super intergalactic chess that we just don't understand, there is a theory that the Syria strike is a feint and his real focus is North Korea. We will discuss this possibility and the problems I see in that theory.

Then there is the idea that Trump is being blackmailed. What about this? At this point the key thing to remember is what I've been trying hammer home over and over again right here on this show: the U.S. is a client state to Israel. You don't need any sort of complicated theories to explain what is happening if you view things in this context and usually the simplest explanation is the correct one. So if by "blackmailed" you mean he got sat down and in no uncertain terms had it explained to him what his role is as the President of a nation that is under the control of a foreign entity and the ramifications that will come by not going along with the program, then yes, I suppose you could say he is being blackmailed. Remember it always comes back to the Jews. Every. Single. Time.

We all know we're being lied to especially on the foreign policy stuff. However, let's take a moment and discuss one of the major red flags that show we are indeed being lied to. When they decide to spin us a yarn such as "Even though Assad just about had this thing won against the terrorists he all of a sudden decided to gas twins because he just doesn't like them or something" then the obvious hole in this theory is the question of why would he do that. They know that the lack of motive is the huge weak spot in this story so the answer they give you is "He's evil" or if you are referring to the North Koreans it's "They're crazy". Folks, these are not genuine reasons for what they are trying to sell us, it's just a lame fig leaf to cover up the lack of motive which is a huge hole in the lie they are trying to get over on us. 

Moving on to the DPRK specifically, let's do an exercise for a moment and put ourselves in the shoes of the North Koreans. Yes, I know that Grandpa Lampshade always warns against doing this when it comes to other races because you cannot project White people’s thinking onto them but trust me, in this instance it will be ok. For this little mental exercise, we will take a look at the world around us from the view point of a North Korean and see just how "crazy" their weapons building and "threats" really are.

We have no listeners questions and comments this week as unfortunately GPL's voice won't hold out for a full hour, so the show will wind up being a little shorter than usual. Take heart though and look at the bright side: assuming we are not all wiped out in nuclear armageddon we will be back next week for another instalment of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Fig Leaves and Armageddon –  GL 041817


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