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Thoughts of the Day: Grandpa’s DIY Tips – GL 050217

gl 050217

Thoughts of the Day returns with another array of wide-ranging and completely random topics for us to think about and discuss. Rest assured, Grandpa Lampshade has all sorts of things he is thinking about doing to help us move forward. On that note, we will start off by taking a moment to discuss the importance of acting on your ideas. I have run into no shortage of people who have great ideas, ideas that could really make a difference for us as a people and as a movement. Yet, so many seem to be afraid of taking that first step to making them happen. So many times I see people with great ideas.........that someone ought to do. YOU are that someone. If you don't have the resources to do it then reach out and find some partners to help you get those resources. If you don't have the skills, then find out what you are going to have to do to get those skills. The worst that can happen if it doesn't work out is that your idea could go nowhere, but so what? It might also turn out to be a wonderful success. One thing is for sure: the only way you are guaranteed to fail is if you refuse to try at all to begin with.

One of the things I find so amazing about our enemies is the way in which they don't even try to understand where we're coming from or what our motivations are and when I say this, I'm talking about the rank and file of our enemies, the foot soldiers as it were. They don't understand us and they don't even want to try. Now, I'm not suggesting that if they did they would suddenly come to our position but to successfully oppose an enemy, you really do need to understand what drives them, what their motives are and what it is they are trying to achieve. I observe our enemies all the time and I understand for the most part what drives them. I don't "understand" it in the sense that it makes sense to me what they are doing, but I understand it in the sense of I grasp what drives them to take the positions that they do. The thing about us that they fail to grasp is that people such as myself, we don't oppose multiculturalism because it's a lot of fun being a racist hater going against the grain of society. I honestly wish that historically speaking multiculturalism was a success, because believe me, there are a lot of things I would rather be doing than being a part of this struggle. I wish I could look at life with the optimistic view that things are only going to get better or at least, that things will not be getting worse. We hold the positions that we do because we understand that things are not somehow magically different now. We understand that anytime you force differing groups of people together, strife or conflict will always result.

Next we will discuss briefly some current events that are going on. One thing that sets Thoughts of the Day apart from many of the other shows out there is that we don't spend much time generally talking about news stories or current events in the sense of the latest happenings. However we don't ignore them either. The Semitic Truth Center is more focused on daily news stories and things such as that. Speaking of which, one thing that I have found when it comes to writing articles at the blog is that if there is one thing that niggers contribute to our society, it's the fact that if things are a little slow and I can't find anything else I feel like writing about, I can always count on niggers to do some sort of stupid crime stuff that I can fill the blog with. However, for this segment of Thoughts of the Day, we will briefly discuss the topic of the border wall and how it is just the latest pledge that appears to be disappearing from the long list of Trump promises that so many were banking on. The thing I wish to discuss here however is how those who mock these ideas are so disingenuous about their own position. If they believe that having a secure border is so stupid and against our so called values, then why don't they openly state that everyone in the world has a right to come here and live on welfare forever?

Let's also discuss for a minute the antifa. When we say antifa, it is kind of a blanket term that is used throughout this movement but it actually has very different meanings depending on the context of where you are located. I myself didn't realize that in many European countries, antifa goes so much more beyond what their American counterparts are. In Europe, these bottom-feeders are far more aggressive and much more threatening. We will suggest some ideas for why this is so and more importantly, how it is important to hold these people to the ground rules that they themselves have established.

Up next is the much dreaded Mike Enoch segment. Grandpa Lampshade has for the most part avoided discussing this. At this point I think it's pretty much a dead horse that we all need to say we have learned from and move on but it seems to be a topic again in the movement and so I've decided to talk about it. However the context in which I'm going to discuss this isn't really about the incident itself, so much as something that we need to be on guard for in the future. You see, we draw the line in this movement and have always drawn the line in this movement when it comes to Jews. In this particular instance, that line was crossed and the outcome was predictable. However what I am concerned about is the fact that this exposes a chink in our armour, so to speak. What if the next incident isn't so clear cut? Or more importantly, what if the next rumour or accusation is made up completely? This is what I'm really concerned about and what I want to discuss here in the context of this topic.

After navigating the prior topic it's time to jump into the ever popular listeners questions and comments segment which is easily is one of my most favourite parts of the show. This week's question/comment comes via Daily Stormer and Readingstormer has several questions. First is pertaining to what it takes to make a great podcast in what appears to be a bit of an oversaturated market. Next pertains to leaders and the importance of having leadership in the movement. As to this leadership question, it actually got covered pretty well earlier in the show so here we will focus primarily on the podcast part of the question.

Again, the important thing that we want to emphasize today is that you find something to do. If you have an idea or you think you have come up with something that nobody else has, then find a way to put it into action. Failure isn't a crime but being afraid to try doing anything should be. Get out there, do what you can and together, we will all find a way to keep moving forward as a group and as a movement.

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Thoughts of the Day: Grandpa’s DIY Tips – GL 050217


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