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Thoughts of the Day: Parenting Tips With Grandpa Lampshade – GL 041117

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Thoughts of the Day returns with Grandpa Lampshade and do we have a show jam-packed full of content for you this week! Right off the bat, if you are wanting my take on the Trump attacking Syria fiasco, then please look right below where this show is on the Radio Aryan web site for that topic. We did a special report that aired on Saturday dedicated entirely to this subject. This worked out really well in that we were able to talk about it while it was still fresh and it freed up time for this show to have lots of listener content. In fact, listener content will be the entirety of this week's show. We have the listener’s topic segment and then we will move right into listener’s comments and questions. Last week I discussed the importance of showing up at pro Trump rallies to make our voices heard over the media who have tried to create a narrative that Trump has no support. When I talked about this before, I told everyone to let me know about any pro-Trump rallies and I would do my part to get the word out. Thus, I had someone give me a heads up for one and being a man of my word, I will pass that along to you in the show. That having been said however, upon further consideration I believe it may be prudent to hold off on showing up in light of this Syria attack. You could find yourself in a position that by default you are protesting in support of air-strikes on Syria which none of us are in favor of. We are all about clashing with Leftists, but we do not want to be putting our support behind this bad move by him. I will leave that call up to the listener.

The much anticipated return of the listener topics segment is upon us. This new segment is the epitome of listener interaction on the show where you the listener get to sit down and discuss a topic of your choosing with Grandpa Lampshade. I thank everyone who sent a suggestion in and would just remind all of you that I can only pick one, so don't be black pilled because I didn't pick yours. It's not a case of your topic suggestion sucked, if you still think it is worth discussing then please do send it in again once the topics segment returns. For this second outing of the listener topics segment we sit down with Aeonn to discuss dealing with the feelings of internal conflict you can face when you find your political views clashing with things in your personal life, such as enjoying certain black entertainers for instance. This can be unsettling for people and can hinder their effectiveness in furthering our cause, because they may feel as though they aren't being true to themselves or with those around them. GPL and Aeonn will discuss this at length and perhaps by the end of it, you will come away with a different perspective if you yourself are in this situation.

Listeners questions and comments this week are top notch as always and our listeners have taken some of the work load from Grandpa Lampshade by providing a treasure trove of great things to discuss and think about. Ya'll have done the work so I don't have to! First up is from my chat buddy Messerschmitt who, being very knowledgeable about history points to the importance of symbolism, banners and such like, for uniting us in the cause. We need these things as it is very important to have a symbol of our bond to a common cause. I agree and believe that we will see these things as we move into the mainstream. I will take the time to clarify what I mean by "move into the mainstream" because too many people seem to have a misunderstanding as to what that means or at least, as to what that should mean. I believe that ultimately we will see these symbols, banners, salutes and such grow organically as our numbers grow. I point to Golden Dawn in Greece as an example.

Next up is from Michael who would like to hear the GPL take on the topic of how enlightenment philosophers contributed to the destruction of Europe though ideas such as liberty and equality. I will do my best as always to give you my take on this but I will admit upfront that this is out of Grandpa Lampshade's field of expertise. However Grandpa Lampshade is a bit of a Jack of all trades so as to speak so I don't hesitate at all to jump in and do my best.

For our final listener’s question we go to Andrew who would like to hear GPL's take on raising your kids in a jewed out society in a way they will not grow up to have nose rings, piercings and become total degenerates but instead will become fine upstanding citizens that their parents can be proud of. I get this question quite often and if you don't have kids it is really hard to grasp why, as parents we worry about this so much. Those of us with kids can try to explain it to you but it's something that you just can't grasp the gravity of until you are there yourself. Fear not Andrew, Grandpa Lampshade is here to give you the GPL guide to fashy parenting.

This week's instalment of Thoughts of the Day is all about you the listeners and it was a lot of fun doing it. Thank you for all your contributions of content and topics and thank you to all those who choose to financially support the show. It wouldn't be what it is without all of you. Everything right now is in a state of flux and things are happening very quickly, however for top notch commentary and discussion there will always be one solid place you can come to: Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Parenting Tips with Grandpa Lampshade – GL 041117


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