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Thoughts of the Day: President Lampshade Removes Kebab – GL 040317

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It is time once again for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day and as always we have a lot of material to cover this week, including some really great listeners’ questions and comments. For the main body of the show we will be discussing some specific topics concerning Donald Trump. We don't normally cover Trump things in particular here as most of you are already well up to speed on those happenings, but GPL has been watching and observing from the side lines and there are some things that I believe to be worthy of our thoughts and consideration this week.

On the Right we have had quite a fun time agreeing and amplifying the Left's message that Trump is somehow the second coming of Hitler. This has been a very successful strategy for us and indeed, our message itself I believe has driven Trump's positions further to the Right, but how far will this go? I don't know, but I do think that for the sake of future morale we need to be cautious so that we don't start buying too much into our own rhetoric. I fear that some are getting too invested in Trump fulfilling our agenda when that may not be realistic. Is he moving the agenda in our direction? Absolutely and for this reason we should continue to do all we can to support him, but the fact remains that we do not know how far to the Right he will eventually wind up going. Supporting the Trump agenda has been a huge success in that people are now openly discussing things that would have been completely out of the question just a few short years ago. If nothing else, even if Trump only goes so far, this effort has been successful in that we will have brought people to a point where they will be ready to take the next step from Nationalism to Ultra-Nationalism and our ultimate goal: Racial Nationalism which is the only true Nationalism.

So what sort of advice can Grandpa Lampshade offer President Trump? Who knows, Donald Trump may even be a regular listener to the show. So let's pretend for a moment that I have the President's ear and am a top if unofficial advisor. My advice would be that within the next year, the White House Press Corps needs to be disbanded. Keep in mind, there hasn't always been a White House Press Corps so the idea of disbanding them isn't unthinkable. Why should President Trump give an open enemy a base in the White House? Why should be give them access when they have shown themselves to be an open and hostile enemy? This may indeed be what he is working toward by goading these parasites into throwing away what credibility they may have had left. There is no reason to keep giving these people a platform and a fig leaf of credibility from which to launch their non stop attacks.

Our next segment runs straight on from the last and is about the enemy action that we can observe taking place right now. It is easy to view these things by themselves and not see the big picture of what our enemies are trying to achieve. You have to look at these things as enemy action and thus, the first thing you have to do is to try to figure out what their objective is and adjust your response to it accordingly. GPL will break this down and you will need to stay with me on this, because we are going to discuss multiple things that we are see happening in the context of one single objective that the enemy is attempting to achieve and most importantly, what we can then do to counter it. Make no mistake, we won the last engagement with the election of Trump and what we are seeing now is the enemy's counter attack.

The listeners’ questions/comments segment is jam packed with good stuff this week! Listeners’ questions/comments make Grandpa Lampshade's job that much easier by supplying content for the show and giving me new ideas that I don't have to come up with all on my own. So first up is from Kellie via email who wants to know what Grandpa Lampshade would do to stop these Moslems from flooding our country right now, today. Well, this question can be taken several ways so I will answer it from several angles. For fun, we'll start off addressing it as though I were in power and am the Fuhrer of America and what I would do. We will then move back to the world of reality and discuss what we can do (besides what we are already doing now) to stop these people from the positions we are in right now. We will discuss ways to stop these Hajis in a way each and everyone of us can do. Even little things when taken collectively can have an effect.

Next up we have a question/comment from Brother Yellow who has brought us a topic that I don't believe we've really covered here at Thoughts of the Day or the Semitic Truth Center for that matter and it's something that needs to be addressed and that's the MQ; the marijuana question. There are weed smokers who listen to the show and have come over to the fash side and of course they are all welcome as they come to the side of truth. However as you encounter and align yourself with truth, it is inevitable that you come to realize that weed is a way in which the enemy dulls your mind and makes you less effective in countering the Marxist agenda. Every single one of us has a past and every person out there has a flaw or some sort of vice that they live with but this doesn't disqualify anyone from our cause. If we sit around and wait for only perfect people to join us, we will get nowhere. In fact, I would submit that this mind set is one of the ways in which the Jew has sewn dissension in our ranks and kept us in the past from being as effective as we have become now. We should not fall for it but at the same time, we must encourage our people to always work to better themselves so that you can be healthy mentally, spiritually and physically for the struggles that lie ahead of us.

Our final question/comment comes from my old buddy Messerschmitt who would like GPL's take on something that we all deal with: anger issues. Namely, the anger we can feel when we watch what is being done to our societies and the nations that we love. How can we channel this into a positive direction? What can we do? When is it a good thing and when is it not? I will give you the Grandpa Lampshade take on this as this is something that we all deal with on some level or another.

It's always a great show when we have comments/questions and it's always a pleasure to sit and visit with each of you. Thank you for making this show the success it is and the labor of love that it is. It's thanks to the listeners that I am able to stay motivated to put the considerable amount of time aside every week to put this show together so thank you for joining us this week and please be sure and join us next week for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: President Lampshade Removes Kebab – GL 040317


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