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It's back to a traditional Thoughts of the Day format this week as we are going to be talking about a completely random array of topics that have been on my mind. Thankfully, my voice seems to be ok at last and even though I'm still a little bit sick, we won't have a problem getting in a full show this week and after a brief discussion on sponsorship we jump right in to this week's coffee induced subject matter.

One of the political realities of the world and how it works is that you may have all the greatest ideas imaginable, with the best of intentions and 100% awareness of what ails our societies and nations, but if you do not have any power then you can't change anything. We talk all the time about bringing to bear the weight of the masses on our enemies and why is that? Because if you can direct the weight of the masses and the direction of public opinion then that is power. But there is also power in simply speaking the truth in the face of the world's lies. Organizing and coordinating gives you much more influence than going it alone. The power of a dozen men united in purpose is greater than the most capable individual alone.

Next we will touch briefly on a few possible white pills on the Trump front. After last week's black pill extravaganza I thought it would be nice to look for at least a few tid bits that we can possibly find encouraging this week. All in all, there seems to be quite a bit of conflicting signals coming from Washington these days and this could quite possibly be indicative of the vast power struggles that may be going on behind the scenes. I still maintain a wait and see attitude as I pointed out last week, but we have already placed our bets and our chips are already on the table at this point, so nothing is really lost by staying and seeing what happens next.

In our normie directed segment this episode, we will discuss recognizing and overcoming the mental conditioning that you have been subjected to that is designed to keep you away from certain truths. This can seem like a put down or something your pride prevents you from accepting, but the fact of the matter is that each and every one of us goes through this mental conditioning, be it through the educational system or the non stop propaganda in TV and entertainment. We will discuss how critical it is that you recognize when this mental conditioning is kicking in so that you can learn to overcome it. After listening to this segment as a normie (and there are normies who listen to Thoughts of the Day by the way) our Nazi message will perhaps become a bit clearer for you.

After that, Grandpa Lampshade would like to stop and talk with you a moment about information overload. It has been said that information is power and the fact of the matter is that the people have more access to more information now than at any other time in history. Thus it would seem that the people should have more power now than they ever have in history and yet, that is not the case. Why? Because of information overload. Everywhere you look, people wander about like zombies staring at their smart phones addicted to the non stop flow of information but what kind of information are they getting? Crap. Nonstop trivial crap information. They are gorging on the information equivalent of junk food with empty carbs. The people can tell you every last detail about the life of some celebrity that they will never meet but they have no clue as to who is controlling their governments and who is wrecking their countries. It is not as though the information is not out there and yet that information is lost in the background of the constant white noise of useless trivial information.

Grandpa Lampshade always tries to look not only at what is happening now, but also at what is next coming down the road, particularly the increasing confrontations with Marxist street muscle sent to shut us down and silence us, so what is going to happen next? One of the things that has become apparent is that this isn't the Marxist street muscle of back in the day of union laborers with axe handles and strong backs. Now it is mostly upper middle class college faggots and women larping as Communist revolutionaries. It is becoming quite apparent that once their usual targets of old people who they can single out and hit from behind while proclaiming that they stopped a Nazi are replaced by actual Nazis, they don't stand much of a chance. Bashing these antifas will become more and more like sport and there are more than a few people ready to strike back at these leftists who have had their way for so long. So what happens then? What do those who control these things do next? It is my belief that next they will take the police who up to this point have been more or less standing around indifferent as these confrontations take place and turn them on us. They will find a justification for it in one form or another and then that will be it. Never mind all of our people who have been assaulted in years past, that will not count once they have turned law enforcement upon us.

Grandpa Lampshade has been warning the police for years now that the time will come when they can no longer sit on the fence and have it both ways. The days of following your orders and drawing your check while enjoying the support of White America will be over. The time for that choice is drawing very very near. If you are in law enforcement and you decide to follow orders and attack the very people who are your one and only support, do not be surprised if you wake up in the very near future to find yourself isolated and with no support at all.

This week's listener question/comment comes via email from Sam who wants to know how to adopt the Grandpa Lampshade version of Christianity. I really don't know how to answer this as I thought my version of Christianity was the regular version. It's just that what poses as Christianity in today's world has become such a cucked out faggoty mess that it may seem that actual Christianity is some radical new thing by comparison. But how did it get that way? How did the modern church become faggots in skinny jeans and women "preaching"? I will give you the unique GPL take on this then we will segway right into our Christian segment by then posing the question: what happens when you become black pilled as a Christian? Looking at the prophesy written in scripture it becomes apparent that struggle as we may, we aren't going to be successful until Christ returns and ends the game being played out on this earth. So why bother? Why not just adopt the attitude of these people who basically cover their eyes and ears and say, "Jesus will take care of this someday so I don't need to do anything"? Get ready for some harsh reality that will rustle the jimmies of believers and non believers alike.

We're hitting all sorts of topics this week as if there is one thing this show is about, it's random topics all the time. Hopefully you will find these ideas thought provoking and will continue to give them more thought after the show is finished. After all, we are all stronger together whether that's working together or thinking together than we are on our own. So for more thought provoking discussion, be sure and join us next week, right here on Radio Aryan for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: United Resistance – GL 042517

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