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Radio Free Northwest: How to Keep Your Speech Free – RFN 052517


Harold Covington starts the podcast this week by talking about some of the times he has been arrested, before giving us some guidelines as to how we can keep ourselves out of prison for criticising our lords and masters.

After that we get a lament for a time when we did not use monkey talk and to demonstrate this, Harold plays a clip from High Svenergy that has had all the offensive language removed, pointing out the hypocrisy of blaming islamophobia for Moslem terrorism while blaming White Nationalism for people like Dylann Roof.

Gretchen reviews The Impeachment of Man by Savitri Devi this week, which is all about her ideas for the perfect world. The book very much shows her Hindu sympathies for vegetarianism but she sees a disconnect between this and the cruel streak she noticed in Indian culture towards animals, when contrasted with the western love of pets. She wants all animals to enjoy full lives, but pets are being kept to fulfil the needs of a human, so she wants to see them all released back into the wild. This is possible with cats and a few types of dog, but there are some breeds that need people and would never be able to survive like this. That does not seem to bother her very much though and she shares with Dr Pierce a desire for world re-forestation and small families except for elites. She wants people to only work for an hour a day and wishes to go back to the golden age, but more than anything else she appears to want the world to become vegetarian.

The Trucker is in Arkansas when he calls in to suggest that some people might prefer to rent a pod to put their belongings in and get it transported to the Northwest, rather than hiring a truck to do the driving yourself.

Finally Harold finishes the podcast with the promised advice on how to keep your speech free. Prolixity is very important, wrap up what you say in lots of wordage as this makes it much harder for prosecutors to use against you. There is also Aesopian language, where you and your audience can understand what you are saying, but proving that to a jury beyond all reasonable doubt is not possible. Do not whatever you do threaten anyone, not even in a joke or in response to being threatened yourself online. Never dox or call for attacks on anyone in the establishment, the Left may threaten them all the time, but if we do this we will be prosecuted. Never advocate violence, always try to call for change in neutral terminology. We all know what justice would mean for the traitors, but we do not need to fantasize about in detail and in print.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: How to Keep Your Speech Free – RFN 052517

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