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Today’s episode begins with a classic clip from Kai Murros on the importance of hate, before Harold returns to explain the importance of the printed word and why making audio-books or graphic novels of his work is not feasible. After that we get some incisive criticism of feuding in White Nationalism and how it is most often caused by the lack of funds available to go around.

Gretchen reviews ‘The New Nazis of Germany’ by Wellington Long this week, which was written for United Press International in the sixties and it chronicles German nationalism after 1945. It was a couple of years before elections were allowed to be held in Germany and France after the war and Long follows the various personalities of this time that tried to gain political power. The NPD eventually came about through the merger of different parties in 1967 and has advocated for ethnic Germans ever since. The party has never been banned, despite many attempts by the German government and they still maintain a website and produce videos.

The Trucker is in Missouri again headed to Utah and he has some advice for people travelling west on the highways, such as trying out the cheese in Wisconsin.

Finally we get to the important part of the podcast, bringing up the subjects that others are not prepared to discuss and this week it is the turn of ‘movement modernisation’ in respect to Richard Spencer. Movement modernisation is a euphemism for allowing homosexuals, negroes and Jews into the movement. To the movement moderniser, the character of the leader does not matter, the genetic heritage of the leader does not matter and the sexual proclivities of the leader do not matter, so long as they ‘do good for the movement’. This has now morphed into civic nationalism and the idea that being against Jews and homosexuals is no longer necessary and that they are ‘natural allies’ who should be put into leadership positions, so that we do not scare people away. But if we end up with a world full of mischlings and queers, then what is the point of resisting any of it?

A Youtuber questions why Richard Spencer gets so much publicity and where the money for the NPI comes from. He explains that the school Spencer went to was run by the oil, gas and cotton industry elites and that many Hollywood producers, government officials and insiders were educated there. There are links between the founder of the NPI’s father and the CIA and he has family links to top industry men like the Rockefellers. This goes some way to explaining why there is a picture of Spencer with Laura Bush. All the elites are connected together and there does appear to be connections to Spencer through family and friends. They like to control both sides of the argument and it would benefit them if they could have some kind of influence over him, even if it was just through the people he knows.

Harold believes Spencer has been selected for us by the media and highlights him inviting Tina Tequila to his Trump bash and then being photographed with her and two Jews. He also brings up a quote of his saying that homosexuality is no big deal. The media has never asked him about his stand on this either, which is highly suspicious as they love to get people to condemn it, so they can then attack them. Has Spencer been deliberately chosen because he can be relied upon not to get too radical? This subject will be revisited in other podcasts.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Movement Modernisation – RFN 051117

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