Radio Free Northwest: Northwest Republic Economics – RFN 051817


Harold Covington begins this week’s podcast by explaining why there is no call-in show for this week, before playing a clip from Father Coughlin on economics to introduce the main subject matter for the next hour, the economic policy of the Northwest Republic. Most of the questions answered revolve around the changes to the system that would be required after outlawing usury and privately owned banks. Thankfully we do have an economic model we can follow that we know for certain worked, that of the Third Reich. They were able to remove usury from the economy and they bartered with other countries, if it could be done back then it can surely be done again now.

Income tax is also discussed and the amount of resources it costs in order to collect it. It would be far better to just charge a fee for services and possibly a one-off fee paid once a year by everyone. Governments managed to do without income tax up until the last century, so again, if it could be done back then it can still be done now. All outcomes would need to be anticipated, even providing for White refugees in the wars to come. However if you have country with no foreigners in it, the chances of finding solutions to any problem are vastly increased, as there will be no conflicts of interest and everyone working for the good of everyone else.

Gretchen reviews The Plough and the Swastika by JE Farquharson this week, which explains the need for greater food security in Germany after the first war. Much had to be imported from elsewhere which was a matter of great concern, along with German farms being turned into Marxist collectives due to there being too many heirs. The National Socialists solved this problem by making it law that only one heir could be named and that he should also preferably be male. Farming was raised in esteem to encourage the country to become self sufficient and lower the imports, while young people would be sent to the country to help them understand the importance of farming.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Northwest Republic Economics – RFN 051817

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