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Radio Free Northwest: Snowflake Syndrome – RFN 050417


Harold Covington starts this week’s episode by reminding listeners that some of us have very good reasons for remaining anonymous and one of these people has sadly passed away. He had been dead for almost two months before the news reached us and this brings up an issue that most never think about, but it would be a good idea for anonymous people to arrange to have Harold or whoever else they liaised with informed, if anything unexpected happens to them.

Gretchen discuss Dr Weston Price’s book on Nutrition and Physical Degeneration this week. He was a dentist who realised that isolated communities that existed on very basic unprocessed foods, had much better teeth than people who lived in the cities. He noticed a change in the shape of the jaw and even the body that he thought was brought about through eating cane sugar, but it could have been simply due to race.

He suggests that malnourished parents will produce crooked teeth and jaw lines, but again race mixing can also cause this. His assessments of the native populations were fairly superficial and sometimes less nutrition can actually cause less cavities. Gretchen thinks that some of his results may have been made to fit with his theories and that he was not a racial thinker. He seems to worship a racial type that is not Aryan, although he did manage to find some ‘Whites’ that fitted his ideal. Most natives do not live long enough to get to the age where nutritional diseases set in either, which could account for him finding less among them. He seems to have fallen in love with an idealised fantasy version of the noble savage.

The Trucker is in Missouri for May Day and reminds us that there is a good reason why Harold advises holding off scouting trips until June, as he recently hit snow in Wyoming. Mrs Trucker also hit snow in Nebraska, so make sure you wait until the sun is shining and the ground is dry before heading up there.

Harold returns to finish the podcast with an email requesting some advice on how to get your wife to agree to move to the Northwest. This is a common problem and it is not always the woman who is playing up. Many Americans suffer from an inability to cope with all of life’s ups and downs, or in other words ‘Snowflake Syndrome’ and this is usually the reason why they won’t move. 

Harold does his best to find a solution for the hen-pecked husband.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Snowflake Syndrome – RFN 050417

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