The Daily Traditionalist: Defending the Statue and Justice for Chelsey – DT 051517


Sven Longshanks and Doc Savage stand in for Matthew Heimbach today and the discussion revolves around two important demonstrations that took place over the weekend in America and in Britain. In Charlottesville up to two hundred people gathered to defend southern heritage and White history from being recklessly destroyed by the occupying forces in America. Richard Spencer and Sam Dickson were speaking there and a torch-lit march took place in the evening, to draw attention to the similarities between this destruction of the statue of General Lee and ISIS demolishing structures built by Whites in the Levant.

The other demonstration was in Sunderland and looks like it was attended by around a thousand people, to draw attention to the gang rape by Moslems of a young White girl. Although we are used to hearing the statistics involved in the rape jihad, we have not had a human face with a name and a backstory until now to rally around. When you can picture the victim in your mind, it is much easier to feel emotion for them, something the mainstream media is well aware of when they gave a name to the dead Syrian/Turkish boy on the beach, in a bid to encourage more immigration into Europe.

Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters were both there and though we have ideological disagreements with them, they are doing a good job of helping to draw attention to this case and hopefully the people they attract will eventually find their way to our more natural ideology based upon the objective reality of race. The protesters are angry with the traitors in government, but most have yet to realise that until we have an ethnically pure government made up only of our ethnicity, it will always seem full of traitors due to conflicts of interest.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Doc Savage

The Daily Traditionalist: Defending the Statue and Justice for Chelsey – DT 051517

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