The Daily Traditionalist: The Drive to Reclaim Our Identity – DT 052417


Sven Longshanks is joined by Jason Augustus for Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist, to discuss the loss of our identity and the drive to reclaim it. We have been so generous to the other races, we allow them into our countries, we feed them, we clothe them and we educate them, we have even allowed them to share in our own glorious achievements and given them the name of our ancestors. Yet this has not brought us gratitude and it has not helped these other races in any way, all it has done is cause them to hate us and kill our children, while at the same time it has deprived us of our own unique identity.

Now that our culture and identity are no longer exclusively our own and a ‘British’ Moslem can kill his fellow countrymen and still not be identified by his race, all we have left that truly defines us is our race. This is what lies behind the drive in Nationalism to identify with pre-Christian religions, as they were exclusively White. Arabs and non-Whites identify with Islam because it is the religious expression of their non-white racial soul, which also manifests in their different cultures. But their religion and their culture has no place in Europe, because it is entirely different to ours, it is not a question of good Moslems and bad Moslems, but a question of them being in the wrong place.

There are differences between the faiths of White Nationalists, but an appreciation of universal truth and it’s application through natural law should be something that we can all agree on. Good natured mocking should be encouraged between us, but only on the basis of agreement on the fundamentals of Nationalism. No sodomy, no usury, no miscegenation, no feminism and no treason to your race.

Sven and Jason discuss these issues and the Manchester bombing in particular, with a view to finding ways we can agree without compromising in areas of Aryan faith.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: The Drive to Reclaim Our Identity – DT 052417

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