The Daily Traditionalist: The Holy Roman Reich – DT 052217


Sven Longshanks and Doc Savage co-host the first podcast of the week and begin with some little known information about the origins of the Wailing Wall, since Donald Trump is today praying to it. The wall is supposed to be the remains of Herod’s temple, but God destroyed that temple completely in fulfilment of Christian prophecy. There are no records of any stone remaining, but what there are records of is a Roman fort that became used as a dumping ground for menstrual waste by Christians. The Jews then assumed the Christians must have been dumping their waste there to defile the  temple and since then, the legend began and now all the dumb goyim politicians go praying to it.

After this revelation, Doc moves on to the main subject of the podcast which is the example that we have of a functioning White imperium in the Holy Roman Empire. This was the first Reich that Hitler spoke of, the White nations had a common defence pact and Christian common law, but beyond that they all retained their own independence. The Emperor was not just the man in charge, he was supposed to be as near to perfect as a man could be. He was supposed to be taking on the role of Christ on earth while the real Christ was in heaven.

By accepting baptism, converts were not just showing their membership of the faith, but also their membership of the imperium of nations that made up the empire. The cord that bound this fasces together was the Christian faith and it was willingly accepted, whereas today we have to be coerced into accepting the rule of the EU or the federal government against our will. A long time before we were known as the White race we were known as Christendom and it was as Christendom that we defended Europe from Jews and Moslems.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Doc Savage

The Daily Traditionalist: The Holy Roman Reich – DT 052217

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