The Daily Traditionalist: Islamic Terror in Manchester – DT 052317 - Radio Aryan


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The Daily Traditionalist: Islamic Terror in Manchester – DT 052317


Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer  co-host The Daily Traditionalist and today’s subject is the latest Moslem atrocity to hit Britain, a nail bomb aimed at children enjoying a pop concert. Each time the radical Moslems carry out an attack like this, they try to make it worse than the last. This one was against children, so who will they attack next? This massacre in Manchester has to be seen as part of a long continuation of them demonstrating to us how unfit they are to share our countries. First we could not understand them, then we discovered what the word mugging meant, soon we saw riots, then rape gangs, then beheadings and now vehicle weapons and nail bombs against innocent children. This will continue to escalate until we steer the ship back on course and remove every single one of them from our lands. It is no good saying that some of them are ‘good’ because there will always be the chance that they or their descendants will discover a will to serve Allah and turn bad.

Nobody in Britain with any public standing is calling for anything to be done to prevent more of these attacks apart from Tommy Robinson. We have no politicians calling for repatriation, none calling for every Moslem on the watch list to be incarcerated and none of them saying we need to separate ourselves from them. Instead, they keep calling for more solidarity with them! It is only because we have multicultural countries that these atrocities can even happen, yet they seem to think radical Islamists don’t like diversity! They tell us the way to defeat our enemy is to celebrate our countries being flooded with them and just sit back and wait for the next massacre.

With all the Moslem violence happening it is easy to forget how it has been facilitated by their Semitic brothers in crime the Jews, whether through high finance calling for more immigration, the intelligence agencies setting up Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism, or through Leftist politicians forcing through speech laws to ban criticism of foreigners or alien religions. The Moslems are just one of many weapons currently being used to destabilise our nations, in order to make us more susceptible to the NWO ideology being offered to us.

Florian breaks down the reasoning behind the Moslem atrocities before Sven finishes the podcast with some positive news from Austria: the Freedom Party are topping the polls, the coalition against them has fallen apart and there will be a general election over there in October. The populist uprising in Europe has really only just begun.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Traditionalist: Islamic Terror in Manchester – DT 052317

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