The Daily Traditionalist: Lessons From Constantinople – DT 053017

dt 053017

Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer  co-host today’s episode, looking at the fall of Constantinople and how it relates to what is happening today. On the 29th May 1453 the streets of the city ran red with blood and some of the most holy places in Christendom were desecrated by Moslems. Those who were not slain, were taken as slaves and from that moment on, the nations of Asia Minor were lost to Europe, their skin darkened and their religion changed. Before then Constantinople was the centre of Christendom and thought of as the jewel in the crown of Europe, yet today school children are taught that it is just Istanbul, the capital of Turkey.

Florian explains that this was only able to happen because the leadership of Byzantium had become corrupt and would even take the Moslem’s side against their own people. Once they had taken the city and colonised the area, they began with their forays into Europe, snatching over a hundred million White slaves just in the space of two centuries and trafficking them from Mauritania into the Ottoman empire. It is because we were trying to topple this empire that we first began sponsoring the Salafists and Wahhabis who are still making trouble around the world today.

The Islamic threat has not changed it’s goals but it has modified it’s tactics. Instead of conquering by the sword, they now just walk straight into Europe and instead of snatching slaves from the beaches, they groom them in their kebab shops and taxis. We have to look at our situation today as the continuation of this longstanding war against us if we want to have any hope of stopping it. We must learn from our history if we wish to prevent another Constantinople from happening..

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Traditionalist: Lessons From Constantinople – DT 053017

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