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The Daily Traditionalist: Marshal Virtue in the First Reich – DT 052917


Sven Longshanks is joined by Doc Savage for another episode of The Daily Traditionalist devoted to the first Reich, the Holy Roman Empire. Doc begins by explaining how Kings used to be elected for showing their marshal virtue on the battle field. The Dukes and Princes would choose the knight who fought with the most valour to be their King and from those Kings an emperor would be selected who would then be the protector of the people. You have to have secure borders and a defence from being invaded before the arts of civilisation can flourish and it was Charles Martel defending Gaul from the Moslem hordes which was the seed which grew into the First Reich. Alfred the Great then would go on to follow this same method when he did the similar in Britain after securing it from the Danes.

The emperor would first be crowned the temporal or political King of the Romans and he would then be anointed as the emperor, representing Christ on earth. He would hold the authority of both the church and the state within one man, the man most qualified to hold that position who had shown his merit in battle. He was the focal point of the empire and it was his responsibility to ensure the people had justice and security, while his subjects would then repay him by contributing to the state with their produce.

This is the model of governance and empire that lasted for a thousand years, all centred around one man at the top, the same as Christianity is all centred around Christ at the top. This is the example that Hitler was following with National Socialism and it is still the only form of governance that will work, as it is based on the natural order and excellence through struggle. Could the Moslem invasion of today lead to a fourth Reich in the same way that their invasion in 800 led to the first one?

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Doc Savage

The Daily Traditionalist: Marshal Virtue in the First Reich – DT 052917


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