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The Daily Traditionalist: Out With the Weeds and in With the Seeds – DT 051817


Sven Longshanks and Messerschmitt co-host The Daily Traditionalist and Schmitt begins the episode by explaining how plants from the same original stock will restrain their roots when all planted in the same patch together so as not to choke each other out, but when the same plants from a different seed stock are put together, they will both try to starve each other of nutrients. This is the same in the human world as it is in the plant world, if you put different nations together in the same territory they will not work together but will work against each other. In the same way that weeds are incompatible with plants due to their different natures, the other races in our countries are incompatible with our civilisation.

Just this week we have heard of an horrific case in Germany, where one refugee stabbed another, sliced off his eyelids and then ate his ears. The German establishment are horrified and at a loss to explain this behaviour, yet just 100 years ago Africa was full of cannibal atrocities and even today, Rwanda is still full of armless and legless Negroes after millions of them all went on a limb chopping frenzy together during the nineties. These actions were due to the Negro’s lack of self control, they were not down to ‘ritualistic’ behaviour as the German police think. Something as small as just not paying a debt can set them off, the same as just seeing an unaccompanied female can be enough provocation for them to rape.

Anyone who speaks up about this incompatibility with our own existence and the horrors that immigration brings, is now shunned for being a racist and we even have a 70-year-old woman this week charged with hate crimes for speaking about what she saw with her own eyes, immigrants defecating in the street and setting fire to cars. Again, defecating in the street is something you see all over Africa and there have even been MPs encouraging it as it saves on the cost of providing toilets. This behaviour just comes naturally to the Negro, the same as choking the life out of the other plants is just a natural part of what it means to be a weed.

We get accused of hating other races for pointing this out, but it is not hate, it is just facts. We do not hate other races we just love our own and the only reason we report on these issues is because we wish to do all we can to prevent any further bloodshed, which will be unavoidable if these weeds are not rooted up and thrown back to where they came from.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Messerschmitt

The Daily Traditionalist: Out With the Weeds and in With the Seeds – DT 051817


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