The Daily Traditionalist: A Swiss Conversion to Nationalism – DT 052617


Sven Longshanks is joined by Messerschmitt for the final Daily Traditionalist of the week to talk about how he woke up to the truth about race and Adolf Hitler. Switzerland was first colonised by foreign workers after the war and although they were mainly White, they were still different and ended up having a negative effect on the young Swiss lads. The foreigners were taught to not take any insults to their honour, while the native children were taught to turn the other cheek and never fight back. They were also taught they had to praise the foreigner’s art, even when it was no good, as to do otherwise would be racist.

Schmitt thinks his traditional Catholic upbringing helped to protect him from the worst depravities of cultural marxism, but he still did not wake up to race until fairly late and after he he had first realised that the world war two narrative was false. Before the days of the internet he became interested in the German pilots during the war and discovered through their biographies that they were decent, honourable people who were not fighting because they were forced to, but because they believed in a higher ideal. After following what happened to Ernst Zündel and daring to look at his website, Schmitt discovered revisionism and then ‘Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story NEVER Told’, but it was not until the Cologne mass rape attack that he fully realised the racial threat that we under.

Sven and Schmitt cover all these topics as well as degenerate art, village life in Switzerland and why it is important to make contact with other like-minded Nationalists once you realise the truth.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Messerschmitt

The Daily Traditionalist: A Swiss Conversion to Nationalism – DT 052617

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