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The Daily Traditionalist: White Revolution Is the Only Solution – DT 051617


It should be obvious, but we will spell it out anyway, the White revolution we seek is a revolution in outlook and understanding among individual White people that will lead to our lawful victory.

Sven Longshanks is joined by political commentator Alex Davies today while standing in for Matthew Heimbach, to talk about British nationalism post-National Action. 

Although people are very enthused about the Brexit vote, will it really help us in the long run? Instead of defeating our foe, have we really just exchanged one enemy that could be seen, for one that is invisible? We still have the entire system ranged against us, we can see from the resistance against the soft Civic-Nationalist policies of Trump that it is not enough to just win at the ballot box, we need to be replacing the old system entirely with one based upon natural law.

The recent Justice for Chelsey demonstrations show that it is possible to get the public to make their voices heard, but where are the Nationalist organisations that should now be setting up a power base in Sunderland? What happened after Rotherham, where two to three thousand people demonstrated against the exact same crime? Why has Rotherham not now been taken over by Nationalists with Nationalist representation on the council? We need parallel structures in place so that when we see a chance like this we are able to provide an alternative to the ineffectual ones provided by the State.

We need our people to realise that democracy is a sham and that nothing short of a total Aryan victory will be enough to ensure the same societal problems do not rise their heads again. We know that the potential is there, we saw that with the Brexit vote and with the vocal support for the most radical and racial statements made at the Justice for Chelsey demonstrations. The more victims of the immigration policy like Chelsey come forward and tell their story, the more likely it will be that people will not just go home afterwards and forget about it, like they did after Rotherham.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies

The Daily Traditionalist: White Revolution Is the Only Solution – DT 051617


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