The Daily Traditionalist: Whites of the East and Whites of the West – DT 051917

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Sven Longshanks is joined by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson for the last Daily Traditionalist of the week and the first subject covered is the Orthodox Church’s push against abortion in Russia. We could end up seeing abortion banned entirely over there if Putin gets behind this, which would be a big help to increasing the White population. He is already offering incentives for Russians to raise large families to replace the loss under the Soviets and as the vast majority of Russians are White, this is a huge help to us in combatting our genocide. 

There is a myth that Russians have an Asiatic admixture that came from them being invaded by the Mongol hordes, but there is no mention anywhere in Russia of them being Asiatic. There is not even any mention in Mongolia or China of this event, which you would think they would be very proud of if it really was a great feat of Asian might. There are not even any more than a dozen or so words in Russian that could have come from Asia.

This claim that the Russians were Asiatic originated in the anti-Russian propaganda from the Crimean war, the same as the allegations of Germans being Huns came from the first war. Unfortunately many of the Germans fell for this and were more suspicious than they needed to be of the Ukrainian people when they liberated the area during the war. Dr Johnson believes there was a deliberate plot to sabotage any chances of the Germans forging an alliance with the Ukrainian Nationalists of the time carried out by Erik Koch, who despite committing atrocities and being found guilty at Nuremberg, still managed to live right up until the nineties.

Dr Johnson discusses with Sven all these subjects and the importance of learning about Russian history, so that we can better understand why Russia is seen as such an enemy today by the New World Order.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Whites of the East and Whites of the West – DT 051917

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