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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Thoughts of the Day: Choir-Singing with Grandpa Lampshade – GL 050917

gpl 050917

Thoughts of the Day comes back your way this week with another jam packed instalment. In fact, Grandpa Lampshade has so many things he would like to talk about this week that there is no doubt that some of it will have to wait until next week. However it's all good, as this means that every podcast we have lots to talk about. We open this week by giving you an update on how the show is going and some of our other projects. Thoughts of the Day is now also on The Purity Spiral web site and we encourage all of you to go check out this site. It's a pretty cool forum and yours truly is enjoying it quite a bit.

You may question whether it is a Christian segment at the end of this show this week or not. More or less it is, but I encourage everyone to go ahead and listen to it anyway as I will be addressing a topic that I believe sows distrust between believers and non-believers when it comes to getting involved in the movement.

First up today we will discuss the fact of how and why we conceal our identities. We all know why we do this, but at the same time the Left sometimes (though they love to try and disqualify what we say because we practice this) will also try to conceal their identities. We will discuss the different reasons for this and contrast it with the reasons why we have to do this.

Next up let's talk about how it can sometimes feel as though we are just preaching to the choir, so as to speak. I was having a conversation with a listener about this subject this past week and they were pointing out to me the importance of doing that very thing. This got me to thinking about the fact that sometimes I think we get so focused on trying to expand our ranks and reach new people that we lose site of the fact that encouraging our own people and guarding our own morale is very important as well. Yes, we are always trying to wake new people up but it is also important to remember that even on a subconscious level, we are under a constant bombardment of negativity from our enemies. They control Hollywood and the entertainment industry as well as the media, so it is virtually impossible to escape this steady stream of demoralising information that is either directly or indirectly attacking our beliefs. Shows such as this one and others, besides trying to reach new people also serve the important task of keeping up our own morale and this is not to be discounted as unimportant.

I want to take a moment to look back in time with you and discuss the historical role our people have played for all humanity, including the other races. Over the centuries, White people have essentially been the moral compass for the entire world and this led to the other races improving their lot as well. We will talk about this and then take a look at things now that Aryan morality has been replaced in the world by Jewish morality. Jewish morality = destruction. You see, the Jew is always a destroyer, he does not work to build because he only knows how to tear things down. Where Aryan morality and values spread out to others and the raises them up, the Jew is always focused on one thing and one thing only: is it good for the Jews. Often times, even when what they advocate is not good for the Jews long term, they will still seek to destroy and tear down. Why? Because in the mind of the Jew, destruction of the White race always is always equated to being good for the Jews.

At this point, we are hitting topics hard and fast and it’s time to move on to a new one, the ever popular subject of race mixing. It is not a secret that here on this show and over at the Semitic Truth Center, we are merciless when it comes to mudsharks. From time to time, this will lead to even fashy females being all like, "But but but Grandpa Lampshade, when are you going to talk about White guys race mixing with their 2D waifus?" Well, It is not race mixing if it's anime. No, we are actually going to have a serious talk here so let's take a moment to look at all race mixing from a broader perspective. We have actually done this a bit before here on Thoughts of the Day, but there are always new listeners coming in and new details to add.

Our final segment today is sort of Christian, but I really recommend that everyone stay with me and give it a listen. I want to talk about an often referred to scripture passage that cucks and Leftists love to point to and claim that it means that ‘Christian’ is just another word for Marxist equality. They incorrectly point to it as meaning that if you are a Christian, it means you do not believe that there are differences between men and women or between races. I think this is important to talk about because it can be one of the reasons there is such mistrust between non-believers and believers in our movement. We do not need this dissension among us and I believe this verse can also even be a stumbling block for believers themselves, when it comes to joining our movement.

As we wrap up this week's program I want to say once again that I believe that we as a movement have some of the most talented people in the world among us. It can be so hard sometimes to see the forest for the trees, you can get bogged down dealing with people on the internet who seem as though they have no common sense at all and it can sometimes seem that all we have in this movement are people who are misfits and on the fringe of society. Yet, everyday we find new people doing things that show we have people among us who have fantastic talents and our outro music for this week comes from one of them. This was sent to me by a listener and it is not sung through a computer box or in a professional studio but instead, is by one of our people sitting at a piano in their home and to be honest, I was blown away by this and I believe that you will be too. So finish listening to the show right to the end, enjoy the song and join us next week, for more of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Choir-Singing with Grandpa Lampshade – GL 050917


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