Thoughts of the Day: No Democracy No Slavery – GL 051617

GL 051617

Another fashy frogcast is coming your way courtesy of Grandpa Lampshade on Radio Aryan and this week we are going to be talking about a subject that is near and dear to all of us: Muh Democracy. We all know that democracy is a sham, a con as it were, that is perpetuated on the people to make them think that they actually have a say in their governments. They don't of course, but that's the purpose of the democracy. In France we saw Le Pen lose (unsurprisingly to me) and some people are feeling black pilled because of this. One of the things I want you to think about this week in terms of democracy is the fact that like all things, it has a life cycle and it is my belief that what we are witnessing right now is the geriatric stage of it's life cycle. Like any form of government, democracy depends on a sense of legitimacy. However unlike other forms of government, democracy is also entirely dependent on the people buying in to the notion that the system works for them. As our opponents double down on shoving more and more Marxism down the people's throats no matter how they vote, how long can they keep people buying into the system?

Moving on to our next completely random topic, I thought we would touch on the subject of slavery for a moment. Namely, how do we who support the idea of a National Socialist based society, feel about and stand on the topic of slavery? This may seem like a no brainer right from the start, but at the same time, our enemies constantly accuse us of many things so sometimes it is important to come right out and spell out our views on what can seem like an obvious issue. For the purpose of this topic, we will also lump colonialism in with this as well. Should slavery actually be something we support? Grandpa Lampshade says no and not because of some idea of muh equality, but for the simple question of "Who is going to be the slaves?" Our own people? Enslaving our own people would be 100% morally wrong. Other races? How does that work without bringing them into our own countries? Remember, one of the founding tenets of National Socialism is that everything is weighted on the scale of "Is it good for our people and our society as a whole". I cannot imagine any situation where some form of slavery would benefit our people.

There are many things that Grandpa Lampshade gets weary of observing in this jewed out society and one of those things is how whenever a white person does something bad to Blacks or hurts their feels somehow, there is this collective guilt that gets assigned to all White people. This is reflected in how Whites comment on these stories, they feel the need to condemn any and all racism and say how they don't support it and indeed feel bad about it and apologize. Well let me ask you this, in all of the Black on White crime stories we report on when was the last time you heard Blacks say they don't support racist attacks against White people? Never. So, why is it that we feel obligated to take on this imaginary collective guilt and apologize to those other races?

Finally before getting into the listeners questions and comments, I wanted to talk about one of the ways in which our enemies insure that our people get the full amount of mental conditioning for Marxism and submission to the Jew. How is this? Through credentialism. There was once a time when having a college degree meant that you had demonstrated a mental capacity above and beyond that of the average person, however this is not the case anymore. Just look at these college age antifas for an example. Yet people are locked out of jobs they are more than qualified for because they haven't received a piece of paper, even if that piece of paper is for something useless such as an African studies degree. Why? Because they want to ensure that anyone who might reach a position where they may hold some sway is fully indoctrinated into the Marxist program.

Moving into the always popular listeners questions and comments segment, first up is TJ from the Radio Aryan Chatroom who would like to hear some thoughts on how to break through the mental programming that our people are subjected to. It can sometimes seem as though you are making headway with someone but then the next time you see them they have gone right back to parroting the Marxist lines they have all been programmed with. How do we overcome this? There are no easy answers to this but I will share my thoughts from my personal experience.

For our final listeners comment, Bengarrisonyouth brings us some thoughts of his own on Alt-Right entrepreneurship. Should we not be promoting business ideas and employment opportunities to our own ranks? This brings up a topic near and dear to Grandpa Lampshade which is the need for a sense of tribalism in our movement. We will discuss this in depth and talk about some of the things that it will take to promote our own people and their ideas as we move forward.

After that we wrap up another great show and another week. In the last podcast we had some amazing music sent in by a listener for our outro which has motivated another of you to do the same. So for two weeks in a row now, we are going to finish the episode with more self-created music from you, the listeners.

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Thoughts of the Day: No Democracy No Slavery – GL 051617

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