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Thoughts of the Day: A Revitalized Christian West – GL 053017

GL 053017

Is it something serious? Is it something thoughtful? Is it something fun? It’s all of these and so much more because it's Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day! That's right, we're coming back at you this week with a show jam-packed full of random topics to think about.

First out of the gate, we had the latest kebab happening in Manchester. If you are thoughtful and open-minded enough to be listening to Thoughts of the Day then you will already be well informed and up to date with this latest atrocity, so what I want to do here is discuss the incident as well as all the rest of these terrorisms from a broader perspective. No matter what lip service our leaders may give us, they have no intention of doing anything about these attacks and Grandpa Lampshade is going to explain to you why that is.

Staying in this same vein of discussion, let's talk for a few minutes about how in the context of terrorism and racial conflict, religion is nothing more than a reflection of race. Islam is primarily practiced by desert people and some niggers, while Christianity is primarily a White religion. Why? Because the values of the religion are directly correlated to the values of the race that practices it. To look at it another way: if all the Moslems in Europe converted to atheism tomorrow, would the troubles facing Europe go away since they no longer bow down on prayer rugs twice a day? Would the racial conflict disappear because their women no longer walk around in trash bag disguises? Of course not. The big elephant in the room in these terrorism discussions is that everyone feels free to discuss Islam and Moslems as being a problem, when the reality is that race is the problem.

Now let’s discuss the idea of a post-Christian West. I had someone remark to me the other day that these invaders have no idea how brutal a post Christian West could become. Is this actually true, however? Grandpa Lampshade would propose that instead, a revitalized Christian West is the real danger, as a revitalized Christian West would actually rain down a wrath of brutality on these savages that they are incapable of fathoming. Why? Because history.

Asking the questions that nobody else seems to want to ask, Grandpa Lampshade asks, "Are we slaves to our morality?" Ok, this question has been asked before but I think it is time to discuss it from a completely practical angle. For if we are slaves to our morality, then what is the answer? To abandon our morality? Where does that leave us? Is the answer to survival to become bigger rats than the rat Jews? Morality does not have to equal weakness. The reason so many falsely equate the two is because our morality has been weaponized by the Jew to use against us and to keep us from resisting and calling out their lies.

It seems that when it comes to listener questions/comments, it's either feast or famine here at Thoughts of the Day. Well, let me tell you we have a feast for you this week! First up we have one from Invictus1488 at Daily Stormer who is reflecting on how the two party system is used to give the Jews what they want no matter who gets elected. However, he has noticed what appear to be some cracks in this kosher firewall. What does GPL think and is this something that can work in our favor in the future?

Next up is "Michael" who asks if we oppose Islam based on the things that Islam stands for, then how can we be comrades with people who follow Odin when Odinism supposedly stands for some of the same things that Islam does. GPL will go ahead and bite this bait at jimmy rustling because we don't shy away from jimmy rustling here at Thoughts of the Day, we just jump right in. Now first off, GPL is no expert on Odinism and I don't claim to be. We're just going to address the question as asked in the context of what we're doing right now and what it means for us.

Final question/comment comes from Okuma who would like to hear Grandpa Lampshade's observations when it comes to the relations between White women and women of other races, as well as White men with Black friends etc.. To be clear here, we are discussing this in the context of friendships, not race mixing. GPL will give you his take from his life experience and observation when it comes to these friendship level interracial relations.

Just like that, an hour goes by when you're having this much fun and with this thoughtful a discussion. Agree or disagree it doesn't really matter as the point is to get you to consider things from a perspective that perhaps you hadn't considered before, which in turn gives you a chance to understand things more completely. We will continue to speak the truth here no matter if it makes people upset or upsets the apple cart of these kikes, because truth is what we do here on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: A Revitalized Christian West – GL 053017


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