Thoughts of the Day: Sounding the Warning – GL 052317

GL 052317

It's time for that cozy frogcast once again. Grandpa Lampshade is hidden away in his secret Texan studio with a cup of coffee in one hand and a nice long list of completely random topics to discuss in the other and what better subject to open with than the current disarray of the Trump Administration. Yes, what has become of Team Trump is surely a disappointment to us all but is it a surprise? Grandpa Lampshade says no and in fact, everyone should have seen this coming right from the beginning when he started surrounding himself with Jews. We will discuss why I believe he did this, as well as why the outcome should be no more surprising than when a White woman chooses to mudshark around with Blacks.

Next up, let's think for a moment why the masses are so blind and unwilling to listen to our message and so unlikely even to raise a finger to join us in stopping the disastrous times coming ahead. You can think of this as working somewhat on a scale. As long as the average person's day to day life is still pretty good, you can make a safe bet they are not going to want to turn over the entire status quo and start with something else anew. Yet on the other hand, the more they are unable to avoid the diversity and the more hard pressed their own personal economy becomes, the more willing they will be to rebel against the current system and the more open they will be to embracing a new one.

As we go about our current day to day activities in this movement, we make heavy use of memes and ours have been very successful over the forced synthetic ones of our enemies. But what are memes, exactly? When you boil it down to it's purest form, memes are nothing more than a modern term for propaganda. Understanding this basic fact will make you more effective in your use of them, because if memes are propaganda, then we can look to the original meme master, Adolf Hitler for guidance as to what will make the most successful ones.

When it seems like nobody is listening to or heeding the warnings that you are giving it can be discouraging. From a Christian perspective (no this isn't a Christian segment) you can look at this as being similar to how nobody ever listened to the prophets when they showed up giving their dire warnings either. So what’s the point? Well, the point here is that you still have the obligation to sound the warning anyway, because even if it is only a few that listen, that still means a few more who will be ready when the time comes and that is better than if nobody sounded the warning at all.

Next, I want to touch on a few key points that I think are important for us to be as effective as we can possibly be. The first is the importance of interacting with other people. Now, I realize that many of you understand that on a certain level this is important for keeping our morale up, but it does go beyond that. If you interact with other people, even those who think like you do, when you hear the same topic discussed from a different point of view it gives you a broader perspective and thus a greater understanding of the subject matter in question. The second point is the importance of staying fit. We hear this discussed and emphasized by many in our movement but I think it is still something that is easy to overlook. If you are to have a healthy and productive mind then you need to have a healthy and fit body as well. The two are connected. If you don't take care of your physical health, then your mental capabilities will suffer as well. When we talk about staying fit, many automatically equate this to going to the gym and lifting weights and if you live in the city then indeed, this may be the best and most effective way for you to stay fit. As for Grandpa Lampshade personally, I don't have much interest in picking heavy things up, moving them around until I am done and then putting them back where I got them from. At my normie job it is not uncommon for me to lift heavy things from time to time as a requirement of the job itself and at home, I have more than enough trees I can cut down by hand and drag around and burn etc.. The point is that if lifting weights isn't your thing, then find something that is your thing that you can do to stay fit.

We have no listener questions/comments this week. Be sure if you have something you would like to ask Grandpa Lampshade about then just drop me an email. It can be about pretty much anything you like as long as I don't consider it trolling or retarded. Don't be shy, the worst thing that can happen is I will simply not talk about it and the questions/comments are always one of the more fun aspects to doing these shows. Thank you for joining us this week and please be sure to stop by next time for another instalment of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Sounding the Warning – GL 052317

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