Merchants of Sin: Roth v. United States – AN 061617


In today’s episode, we learn about Samuel Roth and his extremely frank exposure of Jewish hatred for gentiles that comprised the subject matter of his book Jews Must Live. In the book, he admitted that Jews were parasites who had deserved every pogrom that had ever happened to them. You may be forgiven for thinking he was a ‘good’ Jew, but as well as writing this, he also published filth and pornography and was jailed numerous times for doing so.

Along with many quotes from his book indicting the Jews, we also hear about some of his court cases. During one it was decided that the first amendment did not cover obscenity, although the definition of what was then considered obscenity was changed, making it possible for lawyers to question the meaning of the words in the guidelines, such as ‘average person’ and ‘contemporary community standards’.

Roth was found guilty and served five years, but the outcome of his case was that a flood of obscene literature was now able to be released upon the unsuspecting American public.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks 

Merchants of Sin: Roth v. United States – AN 061617

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