Radio Free Northwest: Discernment – RFN 062217


Harold Covington starts this week’s podcast with a piece from Andy Donner on discernment. We seem to have a problem with accepting people into our movement who do not hold themselves to the same standards that the rest of us do and by insisting on having standards, we then get accused of purity spiralling. A compromised leader will always surround himself with people who will not challenge him and this leads to an obvious drop in standards and failure to achieve what we wish to. Race-mixing cannot be tolerated in any percentage in a White ethno-state, so how can anyone be accepting of non-Whites who claim to support White nationalism? Andy thinks the Alt-Right calls for unity are the equivalent of the Left’s calls for ‘tolerance’.

Gretchen reviews The Philosophy of Alfred Rosenberg by James B Whisker this week. Rosenberg believed that Jesus’ ancestry was actually White, but from the Amorites and he thought that Paul had subverted this to make Jesus out to be a racial Jew. He also held Justin Martyr in high regard, as he said that any favour the Jews had from God, was now entirely gone after they killed Christ. He did not believe in the doctrine of original sin or creation from nothing though, and he wished to get rid of the Old Testament in order to create a new society. Most of his interests are covered in the book and his ideas about Germans going back to the land, Wagner and how to keep art and architecture Nordic. Gretchen very much recommends this book as one to read before reading Rosenberg’s Myth of the 20th century.

A British National Socialist then talks about the 500th anniversary of the reformation and the immortalisation of Luther in our history and the effect of his revolution on the White race, before Harold comes back for a final talk about why there are some things that he just cannot talk about. He can talk about the Bernie Sanders supporter who tried to assassinate Steve Scalise though and what his thoughts are on that subject.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Discernment – RFN 062217

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