Radio Free Northwest: Economic Policy Discussion – RFN 060617

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Harold Covington introduces an interesting panel discussion on the economic policy of the Northwest Republic containing five participants, looking at practical ways for a usury free economy to work there.

Chris starts by addressing how fuel could be acquired. Agricultural land should not be used to produce it as this would be needed for food, so hydrogen fuel cells and alternative energy should be looked at.

Andy Donner then explains why we do not need attorneys. Without them complicating business contracts they would become much easier to understand and we would soon learn how to do it for ourselves out of necessity. Chris confirms that he has seen this going on and it is standard business practice, where lawyers have deliberately confused wording in contracts so that they then have to be called in to explain them.

Solutions as to how we can do without a stock exchange are looked into. Investing should be for investors, not for people wanting to gamble. However people would still need to trade shares to make profits in an economy with no interest involved, but people can negotiate that on their own, without needing a stock exchange to regulate it. The first shares were sold in private and informal settings, so why can we not still do that today? The problems occur when there is space for a middleman to worm his way in.

Other questions addressed are the gold standard, tally sticks, how the economy would work in an emergency and the importance of proving value. In the end it is not so important how value is stored, but how you prevent it from losing it’s worth.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Economic Policy Discussion – RFN 060617

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