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Radio Free Northwest: False-Flag FBI Fun – RFN 060117

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Harold Covington begins this week’s episode with a section on the American secret police, looking at the first ISIS attack on American soil at a Pam Gellar counter-jihad event. It looks like one of the terrorists was already well known to the FBI and they had thousands of hours of personal surveillance on him from his best buddy, who was an informer. It looks like they then set him up with an ISIS terror network and sent him off to go and attack the community centre. The FBI were right behind the monkeys filming them, when they started shooting into the hall and the agent himself was even arrested while fleeing the scene. He has since then disappeared of course and none of this was allowed to come out at the show trial for completely bogus terrorist charges. The attack on the centre was set up by the FBI and if it wasn’t for the local cops, it would have been a massacre on the level of the recent Manchester one.

Gretchen reviews Nobilitas by Alexander Jacob this week, which is an overview of the philosophy of the leader, the intellect over the passions. It deals with the concept of a leisured class that are then able to carry out philosophical pursuits as they are not burdened with the need to provide for immediate survival. The philosophy of fascism is about submitting the ego to the good of the nation, which means accepting that sometimes we need to provide for someone else, who we need to be doing the thinking and this was originally inspired by Kant, who placed duties over rights. Money cannot buy yourself into this top caste, as race is the only real indicator of nobility. Gretchen recommends this book and thinks the subjects covered are very relevant, despite them being mainly from the 1800s.

Dry Ice Washington returns with a lecture on diversity at the barber shop and Andy Donner finishes the podcast with a follow up to his last shortcast on theorycraft, pointing out a particular pathology in White Nationalism.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: False-Flag FBI Fun – RFN 060117

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