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Radio Free Northwest: Price-Tag Attack Army Activism – RFN 062717


Harold Covington hosts a new episode of Radio Free Northwest, beginning with a reminder for people that homosexuality cannot be tolerated in the movement for what should be obvious reasons. The same goes for non-Whites, no matter how small the adulteration of their blood is. Regardless of whose fault it is, anyone who genuinely believes in the movement will stay away from it if they are compromised, rather than risk causing us all further embarrassment.

Gretchen reviews Miguel Serrano’s ‘Maya: Reality is an Illusion’ this week, which is a series of essays based on the ideas Miguel Serrano had while meditating to activate his chakras. It is taken for granted that the reader knows about the legends of the u-boat in the middle of the hollow earth and the connections the Third Reich had with aliens and UFOs. The book also claims that secret reality distorting weapons were used during the war and that the real Hess was not really in prison but living on the moon. But, if the Germans really had colonies on the moon and in Antarctica and had super-advanced technologies, then why didn’t Germany win the war?

The Trucker is in Idaho and is feeling quite baffled by what is going on in Britain regarding knife laws, leading him to wonder what people do in the country for self defence? After that Harold returns to talk some more about price tag attacks and the young men who fail to realise there will be consequences to their actions when they spazz out and kill lots of Moslems or Negroes. The idea has been put forward that maybe triggering them might be an art that we should develop, so we could then trigger them all at once to work like an army for us. The problem is, these types are unreliable by definition. The one asset they have is that they are too stupid or crazy to feel fear, but that then gets wasted on killing pointless people instead of dedicating it to freeing our people.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Price-Tag Attack Army to the Rescue – RFN 062717

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