Radio Free Northwest: The Revolutionary Tripod – RFN 061517


Harold Covington starts straight away with some more advice on how to do things for ourselves in an attempt to save some of us from making the same mistakes that he did.

We want people to join us but when people do show an interest, we usually have to treat them with suspicion just in case they happen to be the enemy. So Harold gives us a few tips on how to separate the genuine seekers from the trouble-makers.

Sometimes people can just seem a little weird and you should always trust your instincts, but you should also be aware that paranoia can affect those. When you get a new contact, you should always try to find out what they have said elsewhere online and don’t just listen to the words when you speak with them, but try to assess their attitude.

Watch out for people trying to data-mine you while providing no information about themselves. Sometimes you get people claiming to be veterans of the movement, but there is nothing you can find to confirm their story. Never respond to people claiming to be females and sending you pictures of themselves. There are many trolls on the net pretending to be women as well as lots of crazy and obsessive real ones and a scorned female can do more damage than dozens of cops. If they start talking about illegal activity or trying to make you jump through hoops then they should definitely be avoided. They may not be trolls, or agents, or anything, but what they all could turn out to be is trouble.

Gretchen reviews ‘Into the Cannibal’s Pot’ by the Jewish author Ilanor Mercer this week, that deals with the massive increase in torture and murder among Blacks in South Africa once it stopped being a White-run first world country. Gun ownership laws changed and now about 90% of people who apply are turned down for one. The farm murders have increased as a result and the author euphemistically calls them ‘labour disputes’. She notes that other countries that were colonised are now flourishing and questions why South Africa is not, but she is at least against affirmative action. Gretchen thinks the book is unsurprising, as everyone could see South Africa was going to go downhill once it fell into Black hands.

The Trucker calls in from Idaho to give people an idea of what to expect when heading out that way, before Harold returns to tell us about the revolutionary tripod. There are three conditions required before there can be a revolution. First, there must be an organisation dedicated to it, second there must be a withdrawal of consent by the governed and third the state must lose the monopoly of armed force.

It can be done and it has been done in the past. We just need to do it for ourselves.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Revolutionary Tripod – RFN 061517

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