The Daily Traditionalist: A Degrading and Inhumane Culture – DT 061417

DT 061417

The Daily Traditionalist is back after a few days break with Sven Longshanks and Messerschmitt here to discuss current events and news stories. Not a day goes by where we don’t hear about immigrants raping children nowadays and after briefly discussing the burning tower and the Republican shoot-out, we get to just that very topic in Britain. As well as 24 sand-monkeys being arrested in Huddersfield for raping and trafficking 11 year old children, we also have a 25 year old Congoid savage who raped a 13 year old but cannot be deported because he might face ‘inhumane treatment’ back in Africa. But what we call inhumane and degrading treatment, they call ‘Islamic’ culture. We might say female genital mutilation, burkas, sex slavery and beheadings are all against human rights, but to them, that is the ideal Islamic society.

This Black rapist has also been given award-winning legal aid lawyers in order to defend his case, when he is not even British. He is not even a refugee, his mother was given refugee status because she had AIDS and wanted to scam free help from the British NHS. Her degenerate son was then allowed to come over to Britain as part of her human right to a family. But what about the right of the little girl not to be raped though? What about the rights of the British people to be safe from attack by foreign barbarians?

Schmitt points out that hearing about all these attacks on our people can get us down, which is why it is important to support people who are doing something to stand up to them. It should not matter if they are 100% ideologically pure, just the fact that they are standing up to just one of the threats that we face as a race should mean we support them in that endeavour.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Messerschmitt

The Daily Traditionalist: A Degrading and Inhumane Culture – DT 061417

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