The Daily Traditionalist: Hammer Time in France – DT 060617

Sven Longshanks is joined by Florian Geyer to discuss the latest news and not a day seems to go past without another inventive Moslem atrocity somewhere, it being a hammer today instead of a truck and happening outside Notre Dame cathedral. People could be forgiven for thinking we were in the middle of a religious festival all about Jihad if we had not heard from Theresa May that Ramadan is a ‘festival of peace, reflection and religious devotion [that] brings people closer together.’ The only thing about Islam that is bringing us together is our grief for all those who have been sacrificed to Allah by it.

Much as the European nations are claiming to be standing in solidarity and that these attacks are not affecting us, the truth is that the whole continent is in a state of abject terror. Fifteen hundred people were injured at the weekend when a firework caused a stampede at a Turin football match. This is the behaviour of an abused people that have been neglected by their leaders, their instincts telling them one thing while their head tells them another.

Florian explains how this abuse makes our people more easily manipulated into accepting things which will harm us, such as the banning of free speech sites online and the acceptance of an even more intrusive police state, while Sven points to previous legislation that was used to incarcerate anyone thought sympathetic to Germany during the war. We do have laws already in place that could protect us and be used to deport the threat back to where it belongs in the desert, so why is nobody in the media or the government pointing that out?

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Traditionalist: Hammer Time in France – DT 060617

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