The Daily Traditionalist: Steve Scalise and the Towering Inferno – DT 061517

DT 061517

Sven Longshanks is joined by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson for a new episode of The Daily Traditionalist looking at a towering inferno of diversity in Britain and the latest Leftist terrorism in America, which saw Steve Scalise shot by an automatic weapon.

The diverse residents of Grenfell Tower were told to stay in their apartments in the case of a fire, as it was assumed the fire doors in the building would ensure that any conflagration would remain contained in only one area. So how come the fire doors didn’t work and the place got lit up? Could it possibly be due to non-Whites urinating in the elevators? This is something that is well known and documented in America, causing electricians to be regularly called out to repair the piss-soaked wiring where it has short circuited. Nobody would want to use a lift that stinks like a urinal, so could that be why the fire doors were left open, so that people could use the stairs? Is that the real reason why the whole structure caught fire?

We have been saying all year at Radio Aryan that if Antifa are not outlawed as a terrorist organisation then it can only be a matter of time before their violence escalates and somebody gets shot or killed. We did think it more likely to be an Alt-Right protester than a Republican politician though. Dr Johnson points out how the mainstream media identified where the congressman would be at that time months in advance of the baseball match, allowing the shooter time to move there and prepare for his big day. The Washington Post is now also doing it’s best to justifying the shooting, by linking him with David Duke. This is the complete opposite of the treatment that Thomas Mair got when he shot Jo Cox last year, the media were falling over them selves to create fictional links between him and the Far Right.

To finish the podcast Dr Johnson tells us of a modern day miracle that recently occurred in Sochi. A pod of dolphins swam up on the beech and deposited an icon of the Theotokos on the shore in front of a colonel and his wife, who then took it to Moscow. This sort of thing used to happen all the time in Europe a thousand years ago, why is it that it only seems to happen in Russia now?

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Steve Scalise and the Towering Inferno – DT 061517

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