Thoughts of the Day: Correcting the Balance – GL 062817


From the dank recesses of the frogcast studio, Grandpa Lampshade returns for another instalment of Thoughts of the Day and we will start the show off this week with some in-house business: Grandpa Lampshade is back on Twitter until I'm banned again @6millionshades if you want to give me a follow. Also, Grandpa Lampshade in all of the many many weeks of recording the show has only missed one episode, which is something I take great pride in. However next week will unavoidably be the second time I take a week off. With things going on in the IRL world, I will be driving for the entire weekend that I would normally be recording the show and it will literally be impossible for me to get one recorded in time for next week, but don't worry, Thoughts of the Day will be back the following week.

For our discussion today, I have an observation I would like to share. The media has been struggling with a problem for several years now and that is what to do about the comments sections in their articles. They go through all the trouble of producing a narrative article, only to then have people like us truth bomb the comments section and show them to be the out of touch liars that they are. They have struggled with how to deal with this. Some sites have simply chosen to shut the comment sections down, but that just makes them look lame. A new trend that I have been observing lately is what appear to be articles coming with obviously pre-loaded leftist comments packaged at the top.
Where articles with genuine open comments usually have anti-leftist comments overwhelmingly at the top due to their popularity with a mixture of leftist comments as well, some articles are now coming out with 100% lefty comments crammed into the "most popular" category at the top.

Grandpa Lampshade had predicted for some time now that the political middle would disappear and that fence sitters who posture as being "moderate" would be forced to pick a side, either the Marxists or the Nazis and we are seeing that play out right now. The political center is disappearing and I believe faster here in America than in Europe, due to the two party system that we have here. So what are our observations as we watch the political center disappear and what does it mean for us and for the nation?

Changing gears, let's talk about the state of our western governments in general. I still see people clinging to the hope that somehow our governments are just misguided and will eventually see the error of their ways and come to our rescue, when it should be obvious to everyone that our governments have openly taken the side of the enemy. This is just a fact. It is not a pleasant fact, but it is reality. However, this path that our governments are on is a dead end path and basically suicidal. How so? Let Grandpa Lampshade explain.

So how much of the population do we really need to have on board with our agenda? How many normies does it take to make a Nazi movement? The answer is fewer than you think. Here's food for thought: at the time of the Declaration of Independence only roughly 10% of the population of the American colonies supported breaking away from England. Think about that: 90% of the population was for remaining a part of England and yet, the Revolutionary War happened. Sometimes I see in our own movement this idea we wont make any headway until we convince the entire country to join us and then and only then will we turn things around and win, when this simply is not the case.

As we discuss things in the human nature category, one of the things that Grandpa Lampshade finds amazing is the way that people accept things as the new normal, when just a few short years ago things were so much different. We're not even talking about some old person looking back 50 years ago and telling you how much better things were, we're talking about just 20 years ago or less that things were not like they are now. 20 years ago, you could congregate at events and not be wondering if you were going to be run over, stabbed or blown up by brown desert people and yet now, it's just accepted as the way that things are.

One of the things you have to understand is this: the current state of affairs is unnatural. In other words, it is against nature. Why is this important to keep in mind? Because nature will always prevail in the end and since the current state of affairs has been put in place by our enemies, that means essentially that nature is on our side in this fight. Nature is going to restore the natural order of things. Whether it's nations, the state of relations between men and women or whatever, nature will always put things back to how they should be. Nature doesn't care how violent it is or how many people get hurt in the process, nature is simply there to correct the things that are out of balance.

Some men are born in times of peace and tranquility, some are born in times of conflict and war and the reality is, that we are in the latter times. We are living in a time of conflict and denying this reality doesn't change it. We must face it head on so that we can spend our time finding a way to victory instead of spending our time denying that it is happening.

Thoughts of the Day will be back again in two weeks so please don't forget about your favourite Grandpa and be sure to come back when the next show is up. In the meantime, I will be in and out on social media and at the Semitic Truth Center, so be sure to keep checking in at those places as well. Be of good cheer my friends, nature is our ally and nature always wins out in the end. The struggle is ours but the struggle is winnable. I will probably go back to unique outro music when we return next time but for this week, I'm going to go with pissing off yet another professional artist by using their music for an outro to a Nazi podcast. So I hope you enjoy it and I hope to see you all again soon, right here on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Correcting the Balance – GL 062817

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