Thoughts of the Day: Life as a Young Lampshade – GL 062017

gl 062017

Ya'll come on in now and pull up a seat, Grandpa Lampshade is glad you've stopped by for a visit as we're going all the way back to basics this week. This show will be a full on a conversation between us as we sit down and just talk about life and whatever things come to mind. Of course, some of this will be reflective of our movement and where we are and what we are doing, but some will simply just be about life and growing older and things such as that.

It's amazing how little time we actually get on this earth. If you are a younger person this may sound strange but when you get to be my age, you'll understand exactly what I mean. 500 years ago was the 1500's and yet if you figure the average lifespan of today to be roughly 70 years, then that's only about 7 or so lifetimes ago. Trust me, that's really not that long ago and just look how much things have changed. I will be reflecting a bit this week and sharing how life was for me growing up as a young lampshade. Why? Because I look around this world today and our own young people haven't experienced this connection with their extended families and kin. This week's show is probably even more random than how it usually is, but I do hope you enjoy the conversation as we wander from topic to topic.

We do have one listener question/comment this week. Michael wants to know what sort of chance we actually have of defeating globalism today. When you consider that Adolf Hitler failed in this attempt and back then let's face it, men were manlier and the nations were more homogeneous, then how can we even stand a chance with our societies being the way that they are now? When you look at these things through the lens of truth, the state of our people is what it is and this reality cannot be denied. However, I would recommend that you also turn that same lens of truth towards our enemies and take a good look at the state they find themselves in as well.

Folks, this week the show really was about getting back to how some of the shows were early on in the Thoughts of the Day journey. We are just sitting down as though we were sitting on the screened in back porch somewhere here in Texas, with friends and family enjoying a lively discussion on whatever comes to mind. I've certainly enjoyed the visit and hopefully ya'll have too. Come back again soon. For our outro music, I went with something different as well. I'm sure the artist would highly object to his music being used as an outro for a Nazi program to which, all I can say is LOLOLOLOL.

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Thoughts of the Day: Life as a Young Lampshade – GL 062017

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