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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Thoughts of the Day: The Obligation to Apologize – GL 060617

GL 060617

A lone voice in the wilderness cried out...........and his name was Grandpa Lampshade. Thoughts of the Day returns with a vast array of things to ponder upon and consider for the week. Please note that the show was recorded before the latest Moslem happenings in Britain. If you wish to get my latest thoughts on this, then please visit the Semitic Truth Center blog to catch up. I am watching the situation unfold and as events continue, I may even need to produce a special edition show to cover them and I will if that is the case.

Our opening segment deals with what we shall call the audacity of apologizing. We will talk about an incident that I wanted to discuss last week but did not get a chance to concerning the feeling of being obligated to apologize. But why are we obligated to apologize and what exactly are we even apologizing for? It seems that any time things are handled in a manly or masculine manner, we are obligated to apologize for it. But why? Why are we obligated to apologize for masculinity?

Our enemies are kvetching non-stop now about the rise of the Far Right, the Alt-Right and the rise of Nazism in general. They say that something needs to be done about this and yet they refuse to stop for even just one moment to consider the role their own actions have played in the rise of Nationalism. Of course if they did, then they would have to assume some sort of responsibility and stopping Nazism would suddenly mean admitting they were wrong about something and would need to change course themselves, which of course they are completely unwilling to do. In the end, what they really want is submission. They demand submission and anything that does not equate total and utter submission must be stamped out. So what do they do? They double down on the very behavior that has given rise to the Alt-Right to begin with. Their actions in attempting to stop the us actually give us even more momentum and the Alt-Right and ultimately Nazism grows in proportion to how hard they try to clamp down and stop it.

We will merge the next segment with the previous one and discuss the madness of those who rule over us and how they would without a doubt destroy the entire planet rather than give up their power. As an example, just look at Hillary Clinton. The woman is old, has health problems and cannot have that many years left ahead of her, yet what is she doing? Clinging to power. She acts as though someone is going to show up and throw Donald Trump out of office and give her the Presidency. To be quite honest, this segment will be all over the place as we discuss this topic along with the role that age and experience plays in our societies but bear with me and I think it will all wind up making sense.

After that the Reverend Lampshade returns for a Christian segment. For our sermon this week, we will expand a bit on our discussion last week about the larping Christian church as it is today. One of the benefits of age is being able to look back over time and seeing how things progressed and identifying the mistakes others made so that we can understand where we are and even more importantly, why we are here. Back in the 90's the vision was that Christian persecution would be something that would materialise in this nation in the form of an atheistic police state persecuting Christian believers from without, when in reality, the Christian persecution that has materialised has come from within. By failing to recognize and address the false doctrines that were being introduced and clothed in nice words like "inclusion" the church has found itself co-opted by the Marxists and the end result is what we see today.

Again, the show was recorded before the latest Moslem happenings but you can rest assured we will be covering it at Radio Aryan. Current articles pertaining to this subject are also already up at the Grandpa Lampshade blog so be sure to check them out and be sure to check us out again next week, right here on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: The Obligation to Apologize – GL 060617


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