Thoughts of the Day: Waiting for the Glorious Leader to Arise – GL 061317


Thoughts of the Day is back and we're switching things up a bit this week. We haven't done a co-host show for quite some time so in the spirit of keeping things fresh, I am joined this week by Messerschmitt. If you haven't checked out Messer's Axis War Heroes videos you will want to do that. All of these men who fought on both sides of the last tragic brother's war are fading from memory and those whose countries were on the losing end of the conflict, even more so. It's very nice that someone is giving these men a voice in history.

Since we have someone co-hosting this week who is schooled in history, we take some time to discuss the way in which our enemy isolates us from our history in order to rob our people of any sort of connection to our past and thus, any sort of sense of accomplishment connected to those who came before us.

Things are always very fluid when it comes to topics at Thoughts of the Day and this show is no exception. We move to talking about the fact that people tend not to be moved until things effect them personally. Messer and GPL will compare how bad things are in a country such as Sweden to the United States and because things are so much worse there, because they are so much more advanced in the cycle of decline that our enemies have set us all upon, the people that are left who don't want to lose their nations are further along in organizing to counter it. They say that necessity is the mother of invention and it would also seem that dire times is the catalyst needed to get people moved to action.

Of course last week, Thoughts of the Day was recorded before the latest vibrant habbenings in Londonistan from the followers of the religion of peace the noble brown desert people. Having Messer on this week it's a perfect time to discuss this latest incident as well as the fallout that has occurred since. Theresa May's response was of course more of the same old, "We won't fight the terrorists because that would mean the terrorists win" nonsense and it just so happened that the snap election came up this past week and she found her self BTFOed. Some are worried that this is somehow a rejection of BREXIT but Grandpa Lampshade believes it is more likely an angry reaction to her luke warm sugar coated response to this latest terrorist attack.

We talk a lot about all of these things that are happening in our countries and to our people and Messerschmitt brings us the 6 million dollar question: so what do we do about it? Too often I see people who seem to be of the mindset that if we just hold out and wait around long enough, some glorious leader will emerge to fix it all for us. Well, I hate to break it to you but that's not the way it works and that's not the way it's going to happen. Each and every one of us has to find something they can do. Even if it seems like it's just a small thing, we have to do something. We are all just a small piece, a cog as it were in the machine of this movement. Individually this will not be fixed but collectively and by applying force, the collective action of each of us can make a difference.

We have one listener question/comment this week and CH wants to know if we can ever find an actual leader who will rise above all of this and unite us in the cause. Is there another Adolf Hitler out there who can bring our people together? Can we find this person and can we recruit someone such as this if we did find them? Would that person be willing to put it all on the line? Grandpa Lampshade and Messerschmitt will weigh in and give you our honest take on this subject.

This is but a brief outline of the show. Messerschmitt and Grandpa Lampshade actually wander off into quite a few different nuances to these subjects and you don't want to miss them. So as always, thank you to our sponsors and thank you to our listeners. It is all of you who make this show what it is and I am aware of that fact each and every day. So enjoy this co-hosted show and we will of course be back to visit again next week, on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Waiting for the Glorious Leader to Arise – GL 061317

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