Radio Free Northwest: Off the Screens and Onto the Streets – RFN 071217 - Radio Aryan


Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day

Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Radio Free Northwest: Off the Screens and Onto the Streets – RFN 071217


Harold Covington begins this week’s podcast by pointing out that we need resources if we are ever going to get anywhere. It’s no good just using words and images, we need money, infrastructure and plant. We need to take our activities off the screens and onto the streets, we cannot do this just with tech alone, money and defensive capability are required too.

Gretchen discusses Savitri Devi’s ‘The Lightning and The Sun’ which explains the author’s support for Ghandi, as well as her understanding of certain Hindu deities that exist within time. She takes characters from history and analyses their personalities as being either like the lightning or like the sun. She also talks in detail about the internal politics of the NSDAP and how kristallnacht badly effected Germany’s standing. You cannot fight Vishnu and win, so Devi’s answer as to why Hitler lost is because he was only a part avatar. He did not have enough lightning in his nature according to her.

Harold later does some crystal ball gazing, particularly in reference to Donald Trump and how him being president could accelerate the revolution. He could go to war in the South Pacific which might not be so bad, but if he goes up against Russia then we could have problems. If he gets murdered by a social justice warrior connected to Clinton or the Deep State we may still see her as president. If the economy crashes and the money being paid to the men with badges becomes useless while the army is busy wasting its resources fighting a war abroad, then we really could be in with a chance. 

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Off the Screens and Onto the Streets – RFN 071217

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