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Radio Free Northwest: The People’s Lifeboat – RFN 071817


Harold Covington returns for some more crystal ball gazing on how the revolution might just finally happen: One aspect of the Trump presidency is that it appears to be moving very fast, but that could just be because the Left keep making a fuss of everything he does. The police are still being paid and so long as rich Jews can give them orders, change will be very difficult. There is a possible scenario that could play out though, if we still have a remnant among us who are immune to the liberal brainwashing and who are capable of organising others offline. If the police then lose their monopoly of force in enough areas, like they already have in some Black and Moslem ghettoes, then a situation might arise where White males could start carrying out a genuine resistance.

Gretchen reviews ‘A People That Shall Dwell Alone’ by Dr Kevin MacDonald this week. He is interested in how the Jews manage to retain genetic integrity, while being spread out all across the world. In Europe, Jewish scholars were encouraged to marry and have large families and every Jewish child was encouraged to study hard, so when they were finally given citizenship many of them were able to compete with European nobles through their intellects.

Gretchen believes that after emancipation they changed their strategy slightly, becoming less separatist and more likely to marry outside their ethnicity. This helped them to fit in better, but only superficially. They succeed in individualistic societies because they encourage it in the host nation, while networking among themselves within their own society. They engage in multiple strategies besides this one against us, but don’t expect to hear them discussing them in the synagogue if you join, that’s just for the top rabbis and will be done in Yiddish.

After Gretchen we get an audio clip on how to win anti-Whites over to our side by pointing out contradictions and asking them questions. A double helping of The Trucker follows and he has some safety tips for White migrants heading for the homeland and then Harold returns for some more discussion on whether or not we are heading for a civil war.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The People’s Lifeboat – RFN 071817

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