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The Daily Traditionalist: Cornwallis Statue Desecration – DT 071817

Cornwallis Statue Protest 20170715

Jake Parsons joins Sven Longshanks to draw attention to the desecration of a statue of Cornwallis in Halifax, Canada. Jake explains how Cornwallis defended the British from hostile savages by building a fort that would go on to become the city of Halifax. The British were only defending themselves, yet today Canadians are taught that their ancestors were genociding the aborigines. The Indians did not even have a fixed territory, they were nomads who were just looking for whatever they could steal from the settlers.

The usual suspects are calling for the statue to be pulled down and nobody appears to be opposing it. Canadians are not taught about their roots as European people, they are told that anyone can be a Canadian once they set foot on the magic soil and nobody appears to be standing up for their heritage in Halifax. Canada is fast becoming the Sweden of the Americas, copying the worst that Liberalism has to offer from elsewhere in the world.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with Jake Parsons

The Daily Traditionalist: Cornwallis Statue Desecration – DT 071817


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