Thoughts of the Day: Left and Right Unite Against John McCain – GL 072517 - Radio Aryan


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Thoughts of the Day: Left and Right Unite Against John McCain – GL 072517

gl 072717

Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day is always random but this week, I sat down to record the show with no notes whatsoever. We are going to literally discuss whatever comes to mind and different topics from the news right off the top of our heads. Will it be random? Will it be fun? The answer to both is "Yes" so strap in, hold on and let's get this ball rolling.

First up as always a big thank you to our sponsors and as well as offering you the chance to help with that, we are also sharing an opportunity to get involved in an IRL meet up with some of the good guys this week if you are in the mid west region of the United States. If you're in that area and want to look into a meet up, even if you're already a part of another group then drop a line to [email protected]

GPL's latest stay on Twitter has come to a predictable end. Absolutely nobody is surprised by this. Twitter could be an amazing platform for everyone but it's a perfect example of what happens to an organization once the Marxists have taken control. Instead of meeting it's great potential it instead spends it's time running around banning accounts that cause bad feels.

In other news: John McCain has brain cancer. This is something that is being celebrated nationwide. John McCain is truly a unifying figure. John McCain is the only person I know of who the Left and the Right can come together and agree that they both hate. It's such an amusing example of how out of touch Washington is when you have all these politicians coming out and talking about how the entire nation is praying for John McCain when the fact of the matter is that the entire nation hates John McCain's guts and hopes he hurries up and dies and perhaps, takes Lindsey Graham with him.

On wildlife watch this week we had a video of niggers ooking it up and filming while another nigger flails around drowning. Now that I'm banished to the grey world of normie Gab I had to endure "These Blacks act this way because Obama...." Of course Blacks don't act this way because of liberals or Obama or the Democrats. This is such a great illustration of how normie conservatives are still so afraid of being called a racist. Well I have great news and a great offer for you normie conservatives. I am offering a free two week trial of fash. That's right, Grandpa Lampshade is giving you permission to go full fash for two weeks. If you're not completely satisfied, then return to being a dull normie at no cost to you.

While we're on the topic of niggers, let's touch on the Somali cop who surprisingly for everyone except Nazis, wound up shooting a White woman for no apparent reason. The police are now doing an independent investigation to try to solve this complete mystery but Grandpa Lampshade is offering to do the investigation for them at a fraction of the cost. You see unlike so many others GPL has actually spent time around niggers and understands the way of the North American Pavement Ape and in my generosity, I'm going to share those insights with you.

Of course we all know that normie conservative types do their best to bend over backwards not to notice the racial aspect of anything, because to do so would make them racist and there's nothing worse than being called racist. Another prime example of this is "Liberal Hollywood". How many times do we hear them whine and complain about how Hollywood is so liberal? How do they not notice the giant kosher elephant in the room? How difficult it must truly be to look into the face of the Jew and only see a misguided liberal.

Since we're flying completely off the cuff here, let's talk about women. I always like to have at least one part of the program with the potential to piss off some segment of the audience and this topic is usually a good one for that. There is of course no shortage of opinions in our movement on the state of women, but one of the things I think gets missed by a lot of people is the fact that even though on the surface it may seem that our different opinions are in conflict, the fact of the matter is that both opinions are usually correct at one level or another. We'll delve deeper into this as well as discuss the fact that women are of higher value to the future of our people and that is why there often appears to be a double standard when it comes to women and men.

As you go through this week, stay positive stay active and remember that you are not alone. Our ranks are growing and the ranks of the Leftist are stagnant. There is no energy in the Marxist camp, only a big megaphone which makes them seem more larger and more formidable than they actually are. Is this a tough challenge? Yes but remember, we're in this together and we're not giving up. Stay safe, stay in touch and be sure to join us each week for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Left and Right Unite Against John McCain – GL 072517


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