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Thoughts of the Day: National Socialism or Elite Corporation Socialism – GL 071817

GL 071817

Thanks to you the listeners, thanks to you the sponsors and thanks to the good Lord above that it's time once again, for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day; probably the most listener interactive show that there is out there. We start off this week with a programming note, there will be a Christian segment at the end of today's podcast so those who don't care for that sort of thing have fair warning but as usual, it will be at the very end of the show so you don't have to worry about missing anything else if you switch off before then.

So what have I been thinking about today? Here in 'Murica! it's all about muh capitalism. Those of us who believe the way forward is to create something new based upon National Socialist principles get a bad rap because as soon as Americans see the word "socialism" they have this knee jerk negative reaction. In 'Murica! capitalism = good and anything socialism = bad. But if that's the case, more capitalism should mean things are even better, right? But what is unbridled capitalism as it's played out today? Grandpa Lampshade would propose that unbridled capitalism always leads to socialism for the benefit of large corporations and the very rich and powerful.

Next up, I wanted to touch on this Donald Trump Jr. "scandal" which the ((media)) is going on about now. Let me tell you, this entire thing was a set up and it has kosher written all over it. The main mistake Trump Jr. made was failing to see that this was a Jew set up and walking into it. I have covered this a bit at the Semitic Truth Center but I wanted to take a moment to discuss it here as well and point out some of the ((cohencidences)) surrounding this so called scandal.

Next, let's talk for a bit about a mindset of exclusivity. What do I mean by this? We are one big movement but in this big movement we also have subsets and little groups that we belong to. With that being the case, it can be easy to fall into a mindset that the particular sect within the Alt-Right that you belong to is actually the real Alt-Right. We must all bear in mind that this movement is like a human body with each body part carrying out an important function in order for us to thrive, grow and be successful. Should a hand look down on a foot, or an eye be jealous that it's not an ear? We have those that are on the front lines of street activism and those who are working primarily online and some who are doing both. There are Christians, Pagans and everything in between among us. So who is the real Alt-Right? All of us and Grandpa Lampshade is going to explain to you why that is.

Finally we get to our Christian segment and this week it is about fellow Christians discussing among ourselves the current state of our race and how turning our back on God has played a role in the current sad state of affairs. We are of course not discounting the role of the Jew or Marxism in this, but what we are going to do here is point out how our people turning their backs on God and the role of the Jew and Marxism actually all goes hand in hand. Strictly speaking, if our people are to turn their backs on these Jew and Marxist lies, then exactly what are we supposed to turn towards? 

Religion is a reflection of race and different religions are a reflection of the race that predominantly practices it. With this having been said, Christianity is a White religion. If our people are to be saved, then they have to regain a love of their race, their heritage, their principles and of who they are and they will find this by turning back to God and to Christianity. So what is our role then as Christian believers in this movement if not to speak the truth about the false doctrines and lies that our people have been deceived by?

These conversations are always a pleasure and it's always nice to sit down and have them. We meet here every week to exchange thoughts and exchange ideas and to grow, both you and I. We will continue on in this struggle and we will continue to grow and we will continue to discuss these things, so that we may gain more insight, understanding and strength each week. It's all happening right here on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: National Socialism or Elite Corporation Socialism – GL 071817


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