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Thoughts of the Day: The Show Must Go On – GL 071117

GL 071117

The show must go on - especially when that show is Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day! That's right folks, Grandpa Lampshade has returned from the oblivion of a traveling vacation without internet and now it's time to get back into the groove of stopping these kikes.

This week's show starts with simply catching up. It's been awhile since we've been able to get together for a visit and the show starts with a few observations from the vacation including keeping things in perspective when it comes to the important things in life.

Our opening thoughts this week are on entryism. This movement is quickly moving from a small informed and dedicated group to a much larger collective. We have accomplished things in the past year that the fake opposition conservatives have failed to achieve in decades. As a result, we are growing by leaps and bounds which is good, we want people to join our ranks as that increases our influence and power. However, we must be on guard against entryism. We walk a thin line between understanding that people come to our world view from somewhere else and we need to welcome them into the family, but also holding true to our principles and not allowing enemies into our ranks to subvert and ultimately destroy what we are trying to do.

Next up, we'll discuss a topic that I have written about previously at the Semitic Truth Center, the burden of maintaining this modern civilized (read White) society. Our modern western societies were built by White people and the reason they continue to function today is because they still contain White people and specifically straight White men. Yet, as we struggle under the burden of sustaining our civilisation we are spat upon and insulted by degenerates who, if we were to cease to maintain these relatively safe societies, wouldn't last 30 minutes. Think about it for a moment: imagine these shrieking feminists or cuck gammas or faggots trying to somehow survive in a non-civilized barbaric society. How long would they last? These people only exist because of men who are better than them maintaining a society that allows them to exist and yet, they attack those very people whose work is ultimately protecting them.

Our countries have been going downhill for a while but that's not to say there aren't some positive things that have come about from this destruction. One of the things that I have found particularly fulfilling is watching conservatism die. Watching conservatism being relegated to the scrap bin of history is a great sight to see. Conservatism has been a fake opposition to the marxist agenda for years and now it is meeting its well deserved demise. This is good because it was always designed to siphon the people's energy away from pushing for actual meaningful change and opposition to marxism.

CNN is in the news right now as they are being memed into oblivion and to be honest, Grandpa Lampshade hasn't actually watched CNN in probably decades. In my recent travels, I had the opportunity to watch it and I have to say, I knew it was bad but I didn't realize it was that bad. I didn't realize that CNN itself has become a living breathing meme of the Left. You have to understand, CNN when it first arrived on the scene, was a ground breaking thing. The 24 hour news cycle didn't exist before CNN and yet now they look as though they took our leftist memes and turned it into a television network.

On my many recent travels, I of course got to observe various degenerates parading about in society and it got me to thinking: these types of people have always been with us. We've always had sodomites, men who get off on dressing as women and every other sort of pervert among us so what's different now? These people who once knew they were degenerate and kept their perversions behind closed doors or in back alleys are now held up in high esteem in our societies. They are being presented to us as the pinnacle of what is good and righteous in our world instead of outliers of nature who should be shunned.

Our listener’s question this week is in relation to a previous discussion we had about starting a family when you are young. When I discussed this previously, I was mostly focused on the subject from the stand point of women but what about men? Because it's been a while since we discussed this on the show we will first review it again and then expand it to include when it is too late to start a family and settle down for men. How old is too old? Grandpa Lampshade will give you his take on this for both men and women.

I missed these conversations last week and it's really great to be back and have them once again this week. Sitting down with all of you is something that has really just become a part of my life and I really miss it when we don't get to do that. Thank you to all of you who have remained in touch and have now rejoined the conversation on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: The Show Must Go On – GL 071117


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