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100 Facts About Race Part 2 – AN 081417


Sven Longshanks narrates and adds commentary to the popular online article about race differences between Blacks and Whites.

Starting with more physical differences, we learn how closely the Negro resembles an ape, from the flat nose, muzzle and sclerotic membrane, to the physical proportions of the arms, legs and trunk.
After that we move on to some crime statistics, proving that it is not racism that puts young Blacks in prison but their own criminal tendencies.

Blacks never had a tradition of marriage back in Africa and once they were freed from having to work for a living, they soon gave up on emulating the White man and getting married. At the time this was written the bastard rate was 66% but now it is closer to 86%.

Negroes even find their own race undesirable, preferring White beauty instead when given a choice. It would be interesting to know if they still found White women attractive if they had been told they were a different species and that breeding with them was an offence against God and nature.

Finally we look at the constitution and what Abraham Lincoln really wanted to do with the people of colour.

Narration and Commentary by Sven Longshanks

100 Facts About Race Part 2 – AN 081417


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