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100 Facts About Race Part 4 – AN 081617

iceland today

The final part of the series gives Iceland as an example of how a country that is exclusively White functions with a high standard of living and no crime whatsoever. Unfortunately this has changed in the last twenty years as not even Iceland has been safe from the third world deluge of mud that has swamped Europe. It now also has murders and muggings, just like every other country that has encouraged ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’.

We will also look at Black hero Martin Luther King and how 99% of all ‘magic’ Negroes have a high proportion of White blood in them raising their ability level above the norm. Finally we will look at schooling and how America has come full circle from segregated schools, to bussing and integration, to demands from Negroes for White free zones in all educational establishments. It doesn’t matter what you do for the Negro, he will never be satisfied all the while he thinks the only difference between us and them is a skin colour.

Narration and commentary by Sven Longshanks

100 Facts About Race Part 4 – AN 081617


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