Race and Nation: Billy Roper – RNN 082917

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Sir Stephen Landser and Lord Goyhammer offer artillery support to Radio Aryan Comrade, Billy Roper of the The Roper Report.

Race and Nation welcomes Billy Roper on his first visit to Race and Nation. The guys steer head first into Billy’s trials and tribulations since Charlottesville which include death threats, a case of mistaken identity, a few “white pill” takeaways from the event and some black ones as well.

The ongoing war against Southern Culture is also addressed, the decimation of monuments, statues and now even the grave sites of past fallen warriors have become targets for the Antifa filth. Also offered is plenty of criticism of the so called (Southern Heritage) groups who add to the demise of our Southern Heritage by doing nothing but grovelling before the feet of our enemies. Also discussed is the minor enigma of Allen Armentrout , the next move for the Alt-Right and the youth that make up most of the movement.



Presented by Sir Stephen Landser and Lord Goyhammer with Billy Roper

Race and Nation: Billy Roper – RNN 082917

Download (53:25)

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