Race And Nation: We Are Race And Nation – RNN 082217


This week Sir Stephen Landser and Lord Goyhammer start off with some genocidal words from a speech that the Milwaukee Mayor gave about hate not having a place anywhere in America. According to him we are to lay down like the White cowards we are and embrace our own demise. We refuse to stand for this and rightfully follow up his declaration of White Genocide with a track titled "Slavedriver", by a great (and local) band by the name of "West Wall."

For new listeners Race and Nation is a podcast that was formed about a year ago this month (August) in a quiet pub/eatery in Shorewood, Wisconsin, just north of Milwaukee itself. Race and Nation is a podcast recorded in the trenches and on the front line of the aforementioned genocide of our great race and we love, live and practice National Socialism to the best of our ability while working hard to protect and provide for our families.

Please join us for this our fiftieth episode, while we get high on our own supply, boast of our support for a network mate, thank the producer at Radio Aryan itself and scratch the surface of the Charlottesville Governmental/Communist/Marxist ambush. Race and Nation offer no apologies, our opinions are based on the perspective that we are a dying breed and if we are to secure the existence of our race and a future for White children, then peace and democracy are not an option.

In conjunction with the solar eclipse this past weekend, we take you out with Russia's own "Wolfkrieg" track titled "Rising of the Black Sun......defeat never, victory forever!”

Presented by Sir Stephen Landser and Lord Goyhammer

Race And Nation: We Are Race And Nation – RNN 082217

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